Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer 2015: Week 9

This past week has been rather quiet. After our exciting weekend, the kids spent three days in childcare, I spent three days at work, and in the evenings, we were trying to get things done -- things like baths and errands -- you know, super thrilling stuff like that.

Even though it's been a "quiet week" it has, however, not been a "relaxing week" so, truthfully, I'm kind of tired. However, as you're reading this, we're on our way to New York to celebrate Dave's cousin's wedding, and to spend some time in the city. And I'm going to go to Target! Whoo hoo!!! Trust me, this is exciting :)

(And when I looked at the pictures for this week, it shows that the kids spent a lot of time in the Chariot. Fun?!?)
Last Friday we took a trip to the library after I got home from work. The kids each got out a bunch of books. In fact, I think our current library book total (for all four of us) is 63 books.
We needed to buy some bananas and get air in the Chariot's tires so we stopped at Tim's for Timbits. Sam was so enthusiastic about me taking a picture, that when he flung his arms out, he threw his Timbit. So we had to buy him another one.
I discovered that one way to get some exercise, on the days when I worked, was to walk the kids to childcare. Above left is the morning ride when they were excited for the day. Above right is the afternoon ride where Rachel feel asleep because she was exhausted from the day.
Since Dave's grandpa's birthday is in September, we thought we would make some cards to take to him this weekend. I love seeing how Sam's colouring has changed.

And because we're gone, Sam's floor is being redone. So we had to pack everything up. Let me just say that packing up one room is a whole heck of a lot simpler than packing up five rooms. Whew.
And in terms of unpacking, I finally finished putting everything from the last round of floor refinishing back in its spot. My office was the last to get unpacked and I sure am glad to have it in order again.

And in a surprise move, we FINALLY (!!!) got rid of the last potty in our house. It was kind of smelly so it got kicked to the curb as opposed to us finding a good home for it. Rachel's enthusiasm does not even come close to matching mine! Whooooo hooooo!!!
And that was our Week 9 of summer. Next week will be the last week of summer and it's a full one of coming back from New York, doing childcare for my friends', and trying to fit some working time in there somewhere. Yeeks.


  1. SIXTY-THREE LIBRARY BOOKS?!?!?! Ahhhhh that really stresses me out trying to imagine keeping up with all of them!!!

  2. WHEW!! That was a whole lotta happening! Celebrating WITH YOU on the goodbye to the potty!! YAY!!!!!!!! And is there any way I can get one of those chariots for our race training? I'll assume Rachel's position and let Ryan haul me around??

    1. I often want to trade places with the kids when they're in the Chariot and I'm pushing. Especially when it's hot. I'm exhausted and the kids are just chatting away.

  3. How do you keep track of your 63 books?! And your office looks awesome. :D

  4. I'm with Erika...the thought of keeping up with 63 library books totally stresses me out. I only let the kids and I get no more than 3 books at a time each. Haha! And I still end up having to renew several that we don't find time to read in two weeks. Sigh. I love Rachel's excitement over getting rid of the stinky potty. Haha!


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