Friday, January 09, 2015

Precious Moments

My friend Bekah is posting a mini organizing or simplifying challenge every Saturday this year. Her first one was on Saturday and it was "take some time go through your phone, delete unnecessary photos, and back up the ones you couldn't bear to lose." I thought, "I don't need to do this because I don't have a phone."
But pride goeth before a fall, and shortly after, I remembered the iPad.
So I went through our photos on the iPad and I deleted 755 precious moments.
And 39 videos.
I only kept 600 pictures.
And 32 videos.
It was hard.
 Really hard.
I mean, could you get rid of photos like these???
I'm so glad I did it though because now our iPad has a ton of free space. So that in the future we'll be able to capture more precious moments like this!
Lest you think I only deleted photos the kids had taken, there was also great purging of blurry pictures, bad pictures, and pictures where I thought I needed 53 shots of the same thing. It turns out I didn't.


  1. This made me giggle so much!!! WE TAKE THE SAME KINDS OF PICS! Only I can't blame mine on kids! :) This coming week is photo related too. Then I'll move on to cleaning other areas of life. ;)

    1. I've been loving these mini challenges. My house/life will be so much better for it at the end of the year!

  2. Hahaha this is great. And my phone is always running out of space and I go through and realize the same thing about 20 shots of the same thing from six months ago...and how did those make it through my LAST photo purge?? Geez!

  3. Wow, those are some great photos! How could you have deleted them? ;-) I am a bit OCD about deleting the pictures that the kids (mostly Brody) take on my phone, especially the lovely shots he gets of me. Haha!


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