Monday, January 19, 2015

Celebrating Dave In Style

It was Dave's birthday on Saturday. Our first celebration was going out to dinner with Tim and Janice on Friday night. Then we went to a really fun symphony concert. The symphony played music which had been written for Shakespeare plays. Mendelsson's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was the featured performance and the music was interspersed with two actors reciting parts of the play. It was such a good evening, although not your usual symphony concert.

On Saturday, we first went to a Frozen-themed birthday party for a friend of Sam and Rachel's. More about that party will be coming later this week. Then we came home and had a party for Dave.
We had a total of 21 people here, and besides eating chili and cheesecake (and fresh buns!), we asked people to bring props for a photo booth. After reading about the one my friend Bekah did with her family, we thought it sounded like a lot of fun.
Since the kids were the ones who were really excited about the photo booth, almost all of the pictures are of them. Well, and Dave, whom Rachel styled for their picture! I was too busy hosting the party to be able to have fun with the photo booth.
And then on Sunday we went out for supper with Dave's family. Unfortunately, I was too slow to get pictures of the sparkler burning the first time, but the server was kind enough to bring us a second one. I made sure to get a lot of pictures then :)
And, finally, after three days of birthday celebrations, we are back to normal today. Life will be so boring this week.


  1. Awe, you did an awesome job celebrating Dave! I forget that our guys have birthdays so close together! Kind of weird with Dave and Eddie's birthdays being close and Sam and Evan's being so close. And I guess Brody and Rachel's are kind of close too.

  2. Yall have the best birthday parties- I think that is so fun!! Adult birthday parties are pretty non-existent in my group of friends...kinda sad, I guess!!

  3. I love those goggles on Dave :) Sounds like he had a great birthday!

    1. If the goggles didn't belong to friends of ours I would make sure Dave wore them exclusively! Ha ha ha!


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