Wednesday, July 16, 2014


A new park just opened in our city. It's a really amazing park so on Saturday, after mini golf, we decided to visit it before dropping Willem and Tessa off at home. Tim, Janice, Dave, and I had played in it checked it out the night before and decided we definitely needed to visit it with kids.

I love the water feature, all the sand (toys provided), and the way that it doesn't really seem like a "regular playground." I also love the way it just engages people of all ages. On Friday night we all agreed that it reminded us of playgrounds in Europe. It also reminds me a lot of River Landing in Saskatoon which I blogged about here. I especially love the (blurry) picture of Sam and Willem on the digger and the pictures of Tessa swinging with the buildings in the background.
I was reminded of the song in the title this morning and thought it would make a great blog post title. My dear friend Sarah, sent this song to me (on a mixed tape no less!) while I was living in The Netherlands and she was living in England. I'm pretty sure this was before the song caught on in North America. "I get up when I want except on Wednesdays when I get rudely awakened by the dustmen." There are so many great lines it's hard to choose just one. Warning, if you play the song today, prepare to listen to it on repeat because you will be reminded of its awesomeness!


  1. Lance has a digger. I'll have to fish it out of the garage and take a picture of him using it...especially since we had to cover one of the mud pits with sand :) I'll take a picture of him digging the sand.

  2. Fun! We love interesting parks like this one!

  3. That park looks awesome!! I've never seen one like that before!

  4. wow! I think I need to plan a Canadian trip to see that park! Linc would love it!!


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