Friday, July 25, 2014

Because There Wasn't Enough Going On Already

tree, October 2013
I returned home from VBS on Monday with Sam, Rachel, and my friends' son, and discovered that the tree people had come that day to take down our tree in the backyard. Oh yeah, and they hadn't called a week ahead of time to say they were coming like they told me they would. So my plans of playing outside all afternoon went down the drain and, because of the placement of the tree, the workers didn't want us in the playroom either, so I was flying by the seat of my pants. (Which I do incredibly well as you can probably imagine. Ha ha ha!!!)

Anyways, I shouldn't have worried. Between the entertainment of the tree guys climbing the tree, sawing off branches, running the wood chipper, and us being able to watch this all from various windows upstairs, we only had an hour and a half of video watching time all afternoon.
tree, 12:36pm Monday
about 1:30pm and about 4pm
our backyard, 5:30pm Monday
I can't imagine what this would do if it landed on your foot. Ow!
The bottom of the stump where the ants were eating it.

On Tuesday afternoon they came back to clear away the rest of the tree. This time it involved a crane (a small one on the back of the truck) which was also highly exciting.
 Not much left, Tuesday 1:30pm
We have no driveway, Tuesday 2:40pm
Watching this was the height of entertainment for Sam and Rachel. We hung out in the (stifling hot) garage. After awhile I got bored and got the whole garage swept out. Yay?
Our treeless backyard, including the new hole made when the trunk fell on the logs and pushed them into the earth. The tree cutters offered to come and fill it with soil and grass seed. Until then it will make a good long jump pit for Sam and Rachel. Seriously, that's what they use it for!

And now our tree, which was being eaten from below by ants, thus affecting its stability, is gone. Thankfully we already have plans (and a gift certificate!) to buy a new one.

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  1. I was going to say...are you going to miss that shade? Glad you can get a new tree. What kind are you thinking of planting? Want me to ask Eddie what might be a good option for you? Evan loved watching a tree in our yard get cut down a couple of years ago. We have a bunch of too old Bradford Pears. They are pretty flowering trees when they are young but by the time they get 15 to 20 years old, they start splitting and can lose limbs easily making them dangerous. We had a big one hanging right over the house and were glad it was taken down. :-)


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