Monday, July 21, 2014

Crazy Week And Some Blog Housekeeping

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, this week is our church's VBS. We have over 200 kids registered and I am leading science and snack for the JK/SK kids (Junior and Senior Kindergarten). I will lead four sessions every morning for about 12 kids each session. It should be fun times. In the afternoons I will be watching my friends' son so I expect to be rather exhausted this week. Therefore, I have pre-written some posts and may not be checking in much. Or I may need a break from the insanity of my life and check in every hour! Ha!
The kids were twinsies in their matching Portugal shirts 
from Oma and Opa at the library program on Friday!

Last week, my blog friend, Erika and I had a very meandering e-mail conversation one morning. It ended up with me admitting that I felt like I didn't know much about Canadian history so Erika shouldn't feel bad about her lack of Canadian knowledge. I do feel like we studied a lot of US history (and it was reinforced in books I read), whereas Canadian history got short shrift.

I am fortunate in that I have had the chance to visit every province in Canada and one territory. I've also gotten to live in five Canadian provinces for a significant amount of time. I do worry, that with Canada being so incredibly vast and widespread, that Sam and Rachel will also have this lack of Canadian knowledge and so we bought them a set of book through their school book order. It's called "Canada Close Up" and every province and territory has its own book.
Hallowe'en stuff is out already?!?!
I get annoyed enough that flyers are already advertising 
"Back To School" sales and we've only been on summer break for three weeks.

Starting tomorrow, I am starting a series on my blog called "Traversing Canada Tuesday" and I am going to introduce you to one province or territory a week. Most of my post information will come from this book series, with local colour thrown in from my own experience and perspective. I will start with Saskatchewan and then move from east to west and then head up north. Saskatchewan gets to go first because it's my home province. Even though I live in Ontario now.

After I finished university, I bought a textbook on Canadian history, and although I gave it away years ago, I've been thinking I need to find another one. So depending on my interest, time, and commitment, I may continue this series after I've done all the provinces/territories with general Canadian knowledge.

I don't know if you'll be bored, entertained, enlightened, or skip reading my blog completely on Tuesdays. It's up to you!
Rachel enjoyed licking an extra large beater
at Donny and Marika's on Saturday! 

And let's talk about commenting again. Every blogger handles it differently. I tend to let comments pile up for awhile (I don't intend to do this, but let's be honest about reality here), and then I'll respond to them all at once. If I have your e-mail address, or it's linked to your profile, I respond by e-mail. Otherwise I respond directly to the comment on the post itself. So if you care, you can go back and read them. Or maybe you don't care. I wish there was consistent blog etiquette about blog commenting and how to respond. I know the first rule of commenting etiquette is "Don't wait a month to respond to your blog comments" which is a rule I break All. The. Time. And now I'm done rambling about commenting.
Dave set up our printer with a different computer and, 
when he ran a test page, this is what came out. 
The kids said that they had been "putting money in the bank."

Okay, enjoy your weeks and I look forward to checking in with you when I can!

PS. The random pictures are from the past few days and, although they don't relate at all to this post, I thought they'd make a text-filled post a little more interesting!


  1. HAHAHAHA they stuffed money in the printer?!?! That is hilarious. And I can't wait for my Canada education on Tuesdays!! Will there be a test at the end?

  2. Good old Canadian knowledge. I feel like my dad is constantly quizzing me and telling me random facts so I feel like I know quite a bit. In university one of my friends was from England and I took electives with her that focused on Canadian geography, history and politics because they were relatively easy AND because it would help her learn the material for the citizenship test (it worked - she passed!). I love playing trivia games because I'm full of useless Canadian trivia! haha

    1. Okay, so maybe I should get you to guest blog for me on Tuesday! Actually I'm enjoying learning (or re-learning, possibly) about the various provinces. And I should have taken more Canadian electives in University. I was all about Biology and Calculus electives because I was in Arts and I wanted to be "well rounded."

  3. Is Erika right about that last picture because I was trying to figure it out? Haha! Yes, I think the Canadian lessons will be very interesting. I think it took me up to last year to somehow figure out that you actually lived in Ontario because I had read so much about Saskatchewan on your blog since it is your home province. Haha! Now I know that you actually live like straight to the north above me and somehow that makes me feel like we are "closer". :-)

  4. I'm looking forward to your series on Tuesday. I will enjoy learning more about Canada. =)

  5. I comment on blogs in a big lump.....I mean to read/respond daily....and then as quick as that thought goes in my head it is gone! hah! Rachel is looking so big lately!! :(

  6. I'm too lazy to comment sometimes. I do enjoy looking up a few blogs each day though.

  7. I think you're pretty awesome at replying to commenting, and far better than me. I know I'll star comments I want to reply to on my phone, but most of my comments don't get replied to. One thing I have started to do, is e-mail replys back, but also paste that same e-mail to my blog so others can see it, at least if the response isn't too personal. It does take some time to do, but this way people can see that I'm replying if even their comment specifically wasn't replied to.


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