Thursday, February 13, 2014

24 Hours With Opa

My dad came to visit, from Saskatchewan, for just 24 short hours on his way to India. We were so excited to spend some time with him. Unfortunately on the way to the airport yesterday morning, Rachel threw up. Sadly, she was wearing only a sleeper and her winter jacket, she was in Sam's car seat, and we had forgotten the diaper bag at home. And she was holding Funny Bunny, her favourite stuffed animal. After a quick stop at a gas station to clean her up as best as we could, and after making a quick stop at Target to get her some new pjs, a new blanket, and a new stuffed animal, we were back in the car. And we were only a few minutes late to pick up my dad.
Instead of spending the afternoon playing with Opa, Rachel lay on the couch, alternately watching Franklin, dozing, and wanting to be held. And throwing up again. I spent the afternoon taking our car for a quick interior clean (it smelled AWFUL) and holding Rachel.

Can I just be honest for a moment here? I am so incredibly tired of our family being sick. I feel like we have had more than our fair share of sick days this past winter. Rachel has missed more than half her days of preschool since the beginning of December and last week was the first week since mid-November that Sam got to go to school all five days. This has been the most frustrating winter in terms of our family's health. So while part of me was so disappointed that Rachel was sick, there was another part of me that was just resigned. I really can not wait for this season of our life to be over. End rant. And thanks for listening.

So, because Rachel wanted me to hold her, Dad ended up cooking supper. I had planned a special supper to have an early Valentine's celebration. We had Beef and Guinness Stew and a heart shaped fruit pizza for dessert. I even pulled out our Valentine's tablecloth to make things a little more festive.
After supper, Rachel (who had perked up a little), Sam and my dad played Sam's homemade Snakes and Ladders game. As long as you are prepared to have Sam be a little "flexible" with the rules, you can come and play too! Sam also showed that he could carry everything Opa was taking to India with him. (My dad is one of the lightest packers I have ever encountered. His backpack for a month in India weighs 12 pounds.)
This morning Sam and Rachel were having a rough go of it and both wanted to sit on Opa's lap. I hope he felt very loved!
After walking Sam to school, Opa and Rachel Facetimed with Oma.
Then Rachel decided she needed a smoothie. Opa indulged her.
And after that whirlwind visit, we dropped Opa off, and he caught a cab to the airport. Have fun in India Opa.

And if you have any extra good health lying around please send it our way. We could use some normalcy around here.


  1. Awww, I hope Rachel feels better soon. Lance has recently started eating McIntosh apples...the expensive kind. He sometimes eats three a day. If he doesn't finish it, I eat the rest. Sometimes lately, I think that is the only thing keeping us healthy. He is so healthy and active and bouncing off the walls all the time...and not napping...that I sometimes think it would be nice if we could just catch a cold and cuddle up and relax...ha! Hang in there! Sending love your way! : )

  2. Bless your heart!! I can't imagine how frustrating it is having the never ending sickness!! Throwing up is the worst. I'll take ANYTHING over that. Sure hoping you feel better soon. That said - what a sweet visit!!! And don't tell him but I take 8 times that much stuff to work every day.

    1. I know -- my dad is an amazing packer. My mom too! I wish I had learned a little more from them :)

      And thankfully we have been mostly healthy since then so that's good.

  3. Before you added your rant in there, I was already thinking how irritated I was on your behalf about the sickness! It's just not fair. Praying this is the last illness for your family for a long time! But glad you had fun with your dad :)

  4. I hear ya--the stomach virus went through all four of us last week! This has been a harsh winter health and weather-wise. Prayers for better days for you!

  5. Bless your heart, you all have had it rough this winter. The first year or two that Evan and Payton were in school, we went through the same thing. It was rough. I think when kids don't go to day care, they make up for everything they didn't get by kindergarten. It will get better though!!!

    I'm so glad that you got to visit with your dad before he left. I'll be praying for safe travels.

  6. The sickies are no fun. Sigh. I am glad you got this little visit with your dad, but I am sorry that you all are still dealing with these little sick days. I know we will all be ready for Spring and better health days. I bet Opa loved cuddling with his little Rachel even though she didn't feel well. :-)


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