Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finishing off their house...

Although we haven't been able to help out at Natasha's mom and dad's lately, they have been sending us photos to keep us updated on the progress. It's pretty neat to see how much things have changed since they first moved in, in August 2007, and how much progress has happened since we were last there in January. We can't wait to see it in person when we go to visit in May.

The cupboards and the island were installed the day after we left. Thankfully, the hardwood was all done!

The office has hardwood and is painted but Natasha's mom and dad still need to choose shelves and desks for it to be completely done. This is lower on their list of priorities right now.

Most of the basement is painted the same colour as the upstairs, but this guestroom, which Natasha's parents have designated as ours, is painted Saskatchewan Wheatgrass, a green-y sort of colour. The floor in the basement is polished concrete and a very cool brown colour.

This is the downstairs bathroom colour. It is appropriately titled "Water" and we got to help choose this colour in December. Natasha can't wait to see it in person because it looks so bright and cheerful!

As soon as the granite countertops were installed, Natasha's mom and dad could install taps and the dishwasher and other appliances and MOVE IN!!! They were very excited about this. We just wish we could have been there to help them.

According to Natasha's dad, her mom spends all her time in her new laundry room, which is just off the kitchen! After not having laundry facilities for most of the summer/fall, we think she is just revelling in how easy it is to do laundry again.

The dining room is all ready for use...

...and so is the living room.

The full view of the kitchen. The fridge is in two parts on either side of the cupboards to the right of the picture. The backsplash on the cupboards still need to be installed.

This is the upstairs powder room (with a reflection of Natasha's dad in the mirror). Natasha loves the colour in this room. As you can tell, baseboards still need to be installed.

This is Natasha's parents' bedroom with their new bedroom furniture. The trim around the windows still needs to be put on too. But of course, all of these are things that don't need to happen before you can live in a house. We are so excited for Natasha's parents that they can now live in this house, and as mentioned above, we can't wait to see the (mostly) finished product in person.

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  1. What a GORGEOUS kitchen! I'm so envious. The rest looks great too. :-)


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