Monday, January 05, 2009

Laying hardwood

When we finally arrived back in Saskatoon (see previous blog post) we spent the next day helping Natasha's mom and dad lay hardwood in their house. It had to be done by the day after we left so that their kitchen could be installed.

Natasha's mom and dad had already done a lot of work.

And Natasha's dad was tired.

And no wonder -- laying hardwood is an intense process. First the old floor has to be vacuumed free of dust and wood chips so that the new floor won't squeak. That was Natasha's job.

Then the proper piece of hardwood needs to
be chosen. That was Natasha's mom's job.

Then you have to put glue on the hardwood...

...flip it over, and bang it into place with a hammer
so there aren't cracks between the boards.

Then you need to staple the new piece of hardwood into place. Dave and Natasha's dad worked together on this.

And then you move on to the next piece of hardwood. It was a long process and we only participated in it for one day. Natasha's mom and dad had already done five days work by the time we got there. We were glad that we were able to stay long enough to help them finish the big room at least.

Natasha's dad was happy to have
help. And to be done!

Natasha's mom likes vacuuming her new floor!

All ready for the kitchen installation.

The two trailers where Natasha's parents lived this summer. Boy, were they glad they weren't trying to survive winter here!

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