Monday, January 19, 2009

A walk down memory lane...

On Sunday, January 18 we took a drive from Banff to just inside the BC border. Natasha wanted to show Dave where she worked the summer after her first year of University. First of all we drove through some beautiful mountain scenery.

Us in front of the beautiful mountain scenery.

Attila's first time in BC. When we drove back into Alberta, the snowplows had cleared all the snow away from in front of this sign, but we decided not to stop and get more pictures.

Starting down memory lane.

This place now seems to be open only in the summer months. It was kind of neat to walk around the deserted place though. Well deserted, except for the people who were filming someone snowboarding off the roof of the chalet. We'll have to come back in the summer sometime. Natasha worked here as a housekeeper for six months and then used her earnings to go to Australia for six weeks!
The cabin where Natasha lived that summer.

The view from the cabin. The train went by often. Eventually Natasha learned to sleep through it. The lake is gorgeous in the summer, when it's not frozen over.

Natasha spent more hours than she cares to remember cleaning rooms in this building and listening to Air Supply's greatest hits. One of her co-workers was addicted to Air Supply. At the bottom right of this picture you can see the doors which were the entrance to the employee kitchen. Natasha doesn't remember cooking a lot of meals here though...

And this is the main hotel, with the gas station in the background. Natasha also cleaned the rooms here. The big windows nearest to the front of the picture are where the pool was (still is???) and it was fun to swim in there after a long day of work. The bar where Natasha (briefly!) became a pool shark is in this building as well.

After our short excursion to BC we
stopped in Lake Louise for lunch.

It was a fun way to end a trip down memory lane.

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