Saturday, February 07, 2009

From office to nursery

Here's the transition from "the office" into "the nursery." Enjoy! These first few pictures you may remember from our "welcome to our house" post back in September 2007. This is what our office looked like before we started turning it into a nursery.

The shelves had a lot of our stuff on them. We got rid about 2/3
of these books and packed most of the rest away.

We gave Dave's desk to a friend of ours. Natasha's desk is turning
into Attila's dresser and will go on the wall where the shelves were.

The shelves now have a lot more stuff for Attila on them.
And this wall is where we are painting the mural.

Attila and Natasha leaning against the shelves, waiting to paint.
Attila is at 32 weeks and 1 day in this picture.

Dave showing off the wall where we are painting the mural.
Obviously we hadn't started painting at this point :)

Dave is starting on the duck pond water.

The sky is done, the duck pond water is done,
and Natasha is starting on flowers.

Dave starts in on the ducks. He drew them free hand.
Natasha was very impressed.

The sun is in the sky. Now we need some clouds.

Obviously we aren't quite finished yet but this gives you a small taste of what part of Attila's nursery will look like. More photos to come as this project evolves...

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