Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday in Jasper...

To celebrate Natasha's birthday, we headed off to Jasper for a weekend vacation. On our way to Jasper, we enjoyed driving through the park, and got to see a bit of wildlife from our car.

We stayed at Whistler's Inn, a hotel which not only had a great view of the mountains, but also had an outdoor hot tub from which we could enjoy the view!

One of the main activities during our trip was climbing to the top of Mt. Whistler. We took the tram up most of the way, and got to enjoy some beautiful scenery.
Once we got to the top, we set off on an hour-long hike to the top of the mountain. We trekked through rocks and snow, but finally we reached the top!

After we returned to the town, we decided to take the "Discovery Trail", which goes around the town of Jasper. We got to see a bit of the forest surrounding the town, and walked for a bit along the railroad.

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