Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting stuff done in Ontario!

In the middle of April we flew to Ontario for an extended long weekend. We went for two reasons: 1) it was Passover and we wanted to celebrate with Dave's family and 2) we wanted to get some wedding errands done. We managed to accomplish both of these with much success.

On Thursday Natasha walked to school with Tessa and Janice while Dave stayed home to bid farewell to Willem and Tim. Natasha then spent the morning with Janice getting some advice on how to wear her hair for the wedding and then they went for lunch.
Dave meanwhile had a meeting with a research colleague, and followed that up by meeting a friend from his Master's degree at U of W for lunch. After lunch we met up again and headed to uptown Waterloo to do some wedding errands. First on the list, the marriage license.
After a busy afternoon of various other wedding errands we met up with Dave's mom and niece to do some wedding shoe shopping. Then we spent the evening with friends, Dan and Lisa.
Friday morning we met with our caterers and saw the place where we will be having our reception. We had lunch with Natasha's aunt Lorna and then she helped us choose some flowers for our wedding.
After some more wedding errands in the afternoon we played with Willem and Tessa and had supper with Tim and Janice and family.

On Saturday, Wes, Shirley, Elhana and Aaron had us over for brunch.
After brunch it was off to New Hamburg for the first Seder. It was good to see friends of the family who came for the event, as well as Dave's family, of course.

The next morning, we visited the Snyder-Penner family for breakfast, and then carpooled to Waterloo North for an Earth Day-themed service.
Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch with the Andres family, and then returned to New Hamburg for the second Seder.

The seder plate, with symbols of Passover
We then stayed with Dave's family for the rest of Sunday and Monday, getting a chance for a slightly longer visit.
Dave and Lily walking to school
Us relaxing on the front porch at Dave's parents' house

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