Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Donny and Marika's wedding

On Saturday, May 17, 2008, our good friends Donny and Marika got married! We are so happy for them. Here are some pictures of the lovely day. (Thanks to Marika for sharing all their pictures with us -- with Dave in the wedding party and Natasha performing various "groomette duties" neither of us were able to take pictures with our camera.)

Marika and Donny both looked radiant and happy all day!

Does this pose look familiar?
(Hint: see last blog post if it doesn't.)

Donny and his groomsmen:
Pat, Carlos, Dave and Dan

Joanna and Natasha were usherettes.

Dave walking into the ceremony with Melanie.

Donny and Marika after the ceremony.

Natasha read scripture during the ceremony.

Us with Donny and Marika. Congratulations you guys!

Us after the ceremony.

A little "post-ceremony/pre-reception" snack break :)
In honour of Donny, of course!

Joanna and Natasha were also the guest book attendants.
Donny had very specific instructions for us.

It turns out that Jodi (Marika's maid of honour)
and Natasha are third cousins!

A last picture of Donny and Marika. Once again,
Congratulations you guys! It was a beautiful, wonderful day.

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