Saturday, May 24, 2008

A different kind of work

Natasha's mom and dad are doing a major house renovation and we spent some time there in May (and June and August and...) helping out. Below are some pictures from our first chunk of time there in May.

At the beginning of the summer Mom and Dad were living in the trailer on the left. The one on the right, Natasha's brother lent to them so that Dave and Natasha had somewhere to sleep while visiting. It was cozy.

Mom and Dad cooked excellent meals, despite the size of their kitchen!

Looking from the kitchen in the trailer you can see the table set for supper, the couch for relaxing, and Mom and Dad's bedroom. Good thing it was a nice summer so Mom and Dad didn't have to spend too much time indoors :)

First on the list of work tasks: getting rid of the bay window.

While her dad and Dave worked, Natasha documented the lack of walls and pile of insulation inside the house. This is looking from "the kitchen" through the dining room to "the living room."

The house has most of the tar paper removed. And the holes have been dug for the geothermal. Thus the abundance of mud, instead of a driveway.

Dave and Natasha's dad finishing up removing the bay window. Natasha's mom kept the yard as tidy as she could this summer. You can see her with the wheelbarrow to the right in this picture.

Taking a break to celebrate Mother's Day with Natasha's brother and his family. This was the first Mother's Day Natasha was able to spend with her mother in years.

Dave takes on Darth Vader (aka Natasha's nephew, Liam)! Ironically we have no pictures of the two mothers present (Natasha's mom and sister-in-law Erin.).

We were on the roof looking for various internet and TV cables. It was an excellent view, but of course, we didn't have the camera!

After a week in Winnipeg celebrating Donny and Marika's wedding with them (see an upcoming blog post about that), we were back in Saskatchewan. And a few more things got done.

A different view of the outside of the house. The chimney and fireplace are gone. The Loraas disposal is getting full. More windows have been removed and Mom is still cleaning up stuff in the yard.

More stuff has also been cleaned out of the house. This is the former kitchen, looking towards the dining room and living room.

Mom and Dad wanted a deck for the summer so Dave and Natasha's dad removed the old one from the house. Here Dave is demonstrating his sawing skills! Can you tell he's excited???

It's always easier to remove a deck from a house if you can attach it to a tractor...

... and get the tractor to do the heavy work of moving it too!

Natasha's dad really wanted his recliner back. So he moved it onto the deck the first chance he could.

With a Guiness and his daily devotional, he was a happy camper. Seriously.

Mom was more excited about being able to put flowers out, such as the planter of petunias on the right and the planters waiting to be planted in front.

To top off an already exciting time, Dave got to try his hand at driving the tractor back to its home. He really enjoyed it!

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