Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Thoroughly Lazy Day

Since Natasha and I have been (more or less) taking turns writing, it is up to me to write about yesterday, our first full day at the timeshare. However, since our posts have, up to this point, been concerned with exciting, interesting or otherwise news-worthy events, this particular post will be quite short. We woke up late, read for a while, did some laundry, and generally hung around for much of the afternoon. Natasha finished a book, which may have been the most productive thing either of us did all day. Excitement for the day came in the form of venturing down the street for a few groceries and some beach towels. In the evening, I made supper (which was also quite productive) and we watched Star Wars before heading off to bed. To sum up, I'll quote from “Office Space”: We did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that we thought it could be. Today has been more of the same, but Natasha will fill you in on that when she writes her next post.

Pictures, with captions, have now been added throughout. Go back to July 1 to see pictures of our time in London, along with a few pictures from here. More will be posted as we take them :)

*To see pictures of Day 7, go here.
*To read about Days 8 and 9, go here.

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