Sunday, July 01, 2007

We're on our way...!

After a very hectic and detail-filled few days we are sitting at Pearson Airport counting down the minutes (135!) until we board our flight to London. Need I mention, we can't wait!?!?!

One of the major events of this past week was that Natasha passed her road test for her licence. She can now drive alone!!! Thanks for this accomplishment go to her patient driving instructor, Dave. And special mention to Angie for her help in the past. It's thanks to Ang that Natasha can drive a standard, in rush hour traffic and carry on a conversation, all without stalling :)

On Sunday, we enjoyed a trip to the Toronto Zoo with our nieces, Lily and Kaelin, and with assorted adults. The weather was quite hot which meant that the animals were mostly napping, but the Splash park was a really big hit. We will post pictures once Dave's computer can access the internet.

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has invited us to dinner these past few weeks. We've greatly enjoyed both the food and the company, so thanks again.

Well, London's calling so we'll send more from across the pond.

(We tried to post this entry last night from an internet kiosk at the airport but it wouldn't let us so we're posting it from our friend Dora's room in London. We will post about our first day in London shortly.)

Dave and Natasha

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