Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jet lagged -- woot!

So we have arrived safely and soundly in merry olde England after an uneventful overnight flight, during which we both managed to sleep about four hours. Upon arrival, we had a very long trip through the London Underground to get to our friend Dora's place in Highgate. We exited the Tube into a slight rain shower, which made us feel that we were truly in London!

We were met by Dora who served us food and tea, and then invited us to come to her church, Wood Green Mennonite Church in London. The congregation was quite small (about twenty people, including us), with only one 12 year old for children's time. The service was nice, Natasha enjoyed singing from The Hymnal, and people were welcoming.

After the service we hung out and chatted while drinking our second cup of tea, and then it was off to the pub with a bunch of church people. To get to the pub, we walked for about an hour through a park, a wooded trail, and some of London's lesser known streets.

Due to miscommunication we didn't end up eating supper there (unless a pint of Guiness counts as supper!), but we had a hearty meal of bread and aubergine (a.k.a. eggplant) soup at Dora's later on. We've spent the evening visiting with Dora and are looking forward to sleeping under a warm duvet -- it's about 16C here right now and today was a little cold, although mostly sunny.

Tomorrow we are heading out on the town and looking forward to seeing some sights. Stay tuned for further details...

Good night,
Dave and Natasha

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  1. If you are in Highgate you should certainly not miss the cemetery -- Karl Marx's grave would be enough reason for a visit, but apparently that's not its only point of interest.

  2. i have heard people seriously comment on the nutritional content of a pint of guinness, i knew someone who believed it was the most nutritious supper anyone could have

    also...i know lily really enjoyed the zoo and meeting kaelyn- thanks again for going out of your way to do something kid-friendly


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