Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What's Up Wednesday: March 2022

It's the last Wednesday of March so it's time for another What's Up Wednesday. Before I go on with the regular questions, I have to mark that today is also Sam's 13th birthday!!! Yes, I am now parenting a teenager so some extra prayers would be appreciated :)

As always on the last Wednesday of the month, I'm linking up with Shay at Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To. This post could alternatively be titled, "The One With All The Pizza!" Hahaha!!! I didn't mean for it to be so pizza focused.
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What we're eating this week... Pizza, pizza, and more pizza is defining this week. Whenever I have to answer those questions about "If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?", I always answer "pizza." But this past week, due to random circumstances, I ate it four times and now I just might be kind of tired of it. Gasp.
The picture on the left is blurry because we were eating pizza outside in the rain. It was for our mid-week church program and we eventually decided to move inside. Thank goodness.

We also ate pizza for Pi Day in New York City. When we were talking about Pi Day, Dave had commented, "We could eat cheesecake, no, cheese pie. What even is cheese pie?" "PIZZA!!!" I shouted with glee. So we had "cheese pie" AKA pizza for Pi Day. Mine had a vodka sauce and was delicious!
What I'm reminiscing about... Well today Sam is 13!!! Oh. My. Word. How do I have a teenager?!?!? So today I'm reminiscing about Sam's birth day, and the week that followed.

What I'm loving... I'm loving my new position! In case you missed it, I got hired as a Temporary Head Secretary at a school just a twenty minute walk from our house. (You can read more about it here.) Even though I'm still figuring things out, I'm loving the responsibility and the people and the work. 

What we've been up to... We are getting back to the "normal" routine of life -- in person everything -- dance classes, Jr Youth events, church, and Religious School. Dave and I have definitely entered the "taxi phase" of parenting where we (read: mostly Dave, because I really don't love driving) are getting the kids to all of their activities. But we love it!

We also went to New York City over March Break and you can read about the first part of our trip here. (The second part is coming up on Friday (I hope!)).

And after basically not being able to go on dates for almost two years (thanks Covid), Dave and I went on three dates in March! Yay!!!
We had a date in a private greenhouse and a date where we went and ate... yep, you guessed it... pizza! We also attended a concert for the first time since Covid hit when we went to see a local choir perform.

What I'm dreading... I'm dreading Spring allergies. I never used to have them but they've hit me with a vengeance the past couple of years. By next What's Up Wednesday, I will likely be feeling fairly miserable. Boo.

Also, Sam gets braces put on mid-month, and, having worked doing attendance in schools, I know how many kids are home with braces pain after orthodontic appointments. So I'm hoping and praying Sam doesn't have too much pain and has an easy transition into braces wearing.
What I'm working on... Besides all the tasks I'm working on at school (I've learned how to laminate and how to force Chromebooks to restart), I'm working on... laundry. I'm sorry, I'm always working on laundry :) And even more so now that I'm working full-time and picked up a few random hours on a couple of Saturdays in March.
What I'm excited about... Spring (if it ever gets here!), in person church (and visiting with friends), hugs (I've been getting and giving more and more lately), and the fact that we got to leave the country over March Break! There's a lot to be excited about right now!!!

What I'm watching/reading... I can't think of what I've been watching lately. I guess most recently I've been watching the snow fall, which is frustrating because WHY ISN'T IT SPRING YET?!?!?!? And today we're under a freezing rain warning. Ugh.

As for reading, I really haven't read all that much in March, which is pretty sad. And my March reading has been heavier on non-fiction than usual.
What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Fat Going There
Two non-fiction books I've read recently.

What I'm listening to... Right now I'm listening to Dave and Rachel play "Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza." Dave is using it as a way to bribe Rachel to eat her apples. Yes, she is almost 11. Yes, we (read: Dave) still bribe her to eat healthy foods. Ugh.
What I'm wearing... When we went to the States, we went to Target three separate times. At the last Target stop, I bought this shirt. I wore it once last week when the weather was a little nicer and I know I'll be wearing it all the time when warmer weather finally gets here.
What I'm doing this weekend... Assuming we all stay healthy (Rachel has a cold right now and I'm praying the rest of us don't get it), Rachel and I are going to a play on Friday night and Rachel has a dance performance on Sunday afternoon. Other than that, I'll probably be folding laundry! Hahaha!!!

What I'm looking forward to next month... Canstruction is supposed to be back in person and I'm sooooo excited to go see it again!!! You can read more about Canstruction here. Also, I'm looking forward to in person Easter services.

What else is new... Did I mention Sam is 13 today?!?!? I think that's really about it :)

Thanks for reading and tell me -- is it Spring where you live or are you desperately hoping to say good-bye to Winter soon too?


  1. LOVE reading all of the joy and normalcy in this post and so happy for you with your new position! Love your Target finds too :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! Good luck with the braces. I think tylenol helps!

  3. Congratulations on having a teenager! It has been a fun experience for us, but definitley one that keeps you praying more and more for your kids! I am so glad your family could travel and have such a fun trip to NYC. I feel like pizza and NYC just go together :). Have a great day!

  4. Thirteen is such a fun age! Said no mother, ever :)
    Just kidding! 13 with my son was a breeze. We'll talk when Rachel gets there ;)

  5. Happy birthday, Sam!!!!! SO much to look forward to and reminisce about!

  6. I am here for all of the pizza.

    Eek, 13! What an exciting time.

  7. That shirt - you'll be able to wear with so much
    Happy Birthday Sam!!!!!
    hope he wants PIZZA for his birthday dinner - LOL

  8. So glad you are enjoying your new job!! And, happy birthday Sam!! WooHoo for 13! Love that newborn picture of the three of you:)

  9. I LOVE parenting teens; they are so much fun! I hope the teen years treat you well. When my middle son got his braces put on I had him take pain reliever 30 minutes prior to his appointment but.. yeah eating was tough for a few days so school would have been hard. Best of luck with that too. I was just saying I want some pizza and this post did not help with that craving. My allergies are already driving me nutty and we don't have any buds or anything blooming yet. I swear they get a bit worse each year.


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