Thursday, March 31, 2022

Monthly Musings: Easter/Spring

It's time for Monthly Musings with Holly, who blogs at Pink Lady, and Patty, who blogs at Good Better Best. This is seriously a really fun link up and you should all join in :)

1) Do you celebrate Easter, Passover, or another holiday?

If you've been reading around here for any length of time, you'll likely already know that I am Christian and my husband is Jewish so we celebrate both Easter and Passover. And often the two of them overlap (like this year) which adds extra fun and excitement!

Unfortunately, this year Sam is getting braces the day before Good Friday and the first Passover Seder so we might be "celebrating" mouth pain. We shall see...

2) Do you decorate your home for spring?

Well I've thrown out the Play-Dough snow people which lived on our shelf for a couple of months so if you count that as decorating, than, "YES!" Otherwise, no, not really. Eventually I'll put my Spring wreath on our front door but I'm not feeling like the weather is cooperating for that, just yet.

And of course, as soon as it warms up a little, I'll be planting pansies in the window boxes outside so if you count that as decorating, well, then, "Yes, I decorate for spring!"
pansies from a few years ago 

3) Favourite spring meal?

If it's warm enough, and we have some on hand, we BBQ Saskatchewan Farmer's Sausage for Easter and eat it with potato salad. That is my favourite spring meal. But really just about anything we can BBQ with a salad is delicious!

4) Is your Spring Break in April or March?

We had ours back in March and it was amazing! We went to New York City and to visit Dave's aunt, uncle, cousins, and their kids. You can see the first parts of our Spring Break getaway here and here.

5) Favourite spring Easter traditions or activity?

I love going to church on Easter morning. And I enjoy celebrating the Passover seder with Dave's parents.

6) What are you most looking forward to this spring?
Hopefully we'll be able to go to some baseball games in person. Baseball hasn't been played in Canada in the spring for three years now, so I'm excited it's back in April. 

7) Favourite spring fashion items?
 I don't know that I have a favourite spring fashion item, but I do know that I love getting rid of my socks and going barefoot in my shoes! Does that count?!?

Even if I have to bundle up, I'm not wearing socks here!!!
8) Do you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?
 I get rid of my socks :) And I don't wear as many heavy sweaters in the spring. I have some nice flowered shirts for work and I enjoy wearing those with cardigans. I also pull out my bright necklaces.

9) Does the Easter Bunny visit your home?
If he remembers. Hahaha! We've never been big on the Easter Bunny and the last few years I don't even think the kids had Easter baskets. There's always some sort of chocolate to be had though.

10) Any traditions or activities coming back post-Covid?
Yes! Rachel's big spring dance show is back for the first time since 2019!!! She's in three pieces and two shows so it will be a busy day. And her dance performance group has its spring show this weekend, which she's never been able to participate in before. I'm sooooo excited that she gets to dance on stage with a live audience again!
 And our neighbourhood soccer nights are back. Again, we haven't been able to play since spring of 2019 so we're excited. Even though Rachel is the only one who is still eligible, it will be a fun night of neighbourhood bonding!
Rachel in her first season of neighbourhood soccer :) 
And I'm super excited about the Easter Service at church. It's always one of my favourite ones of the year, we haven't been able to have it in a couple of years, and I can't wait.


  1. Oh my gosh, it is going to be so wonderful to see Rachel live on stage again- enjoy every minute and I can feel your joy jump off the computer screen when you wrote about Easter services- it was so hard not to be able go in person- so sad- bring on the JOY! :)

  2. Lots of exciting spring things to look forward to! Glad you'll get to enjoy baseball and seeing Rachel perform again.

  3. Baseball and dance shows make me say yay!

  4. I love that you get to celebrate both Easter and Passover. Here's to all of your activities coming back live this spring. Thank you for joining us in the link up.


  5. So many fun spring things to look forward to!

  6. So glad you are having some activites resume again. I know that's been a long time coming!


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