Tuesday, October 05, 2021

One Sentence A Day: September 2021

September 2021 was the first month in ages where everything felt a little more normal. I feel like we are halfway between Covid restrictions and normalcy. We're definitely not back to pre-March 2020 just yet, but it sure feels a lot closer than it has in a long time.

Sadly, I got a bit behind on my sentence a day recording and for a couple of days, and when I went back I really couldn't remember what had happened. Boo :(

And, as always, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and the other Sentence A Day bloggers.

1 - Wednesday -- I worked, I had Blog Friends' Book Club in the evening, and we randomly grabbed fish and chips from a food truck for supper.

2 - Thursday -- We picked up new masks from our friend so we're well stocked now!

3 - Friday -- Sam and I woke up sick (boo) and had to cancel going to a baseball game in the evening :(

4 - Saturday -- I got my chrysanthemums for the fall!!!

5 - Sunday -- Sam had to get a Covid test and Rachel and I spent the afternoon watching Hallmark Movies.

6 - Monday -- Sam's test came back negative (phew!), we cleaned behind the stove, and we baked muffins and cookies.

7 - Tuesday -- First day of school for the 21-22 school year and the first time back inside school since April 9th!!!

8 - Wednesday -- I really don't remember what happened this day -- school and work, I know, but otherwise???

9 - Thursday -- I was able to check out the Night Market in our uptown with Janice and Tessa and I LOVED it!!!

10 - Friday -- I worked, I napped, we ate fast food for supper, I watched a bit of the baseball game, and I went to bed early.

11 - Saturday -- We had a full morning which I documented thoroughly here and in the evening we had a belated Rosh Hashanah celebration with Dave's parents.

12 - Sunday -- It was our first Sunday of in-person, outdoor church and I LOVED it!!!

13 - Monday -- We did early voting in our national election.

14 - Tuesday -- School, work, dance, CSA pickup, Sam's weekly time with a friend -- Tuesdays are a little nuts around here.

15 - Wednesday -- The plan was to participate in our synagogue's Kol Nidre service (a special musical service for Yom Kippur) but we ended up randomly visiting with neighbours instead.

16 - Thursday -- I love the school I work at on Thursdays so much.

17 - Friday -- We had a positive Covid case at one of my schools, I spent the whole day talking with parents, and was completely emotionally exhausted by the end of the day.

18 - Saturday -- Live Blue Jays baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 - Sunday -- We went for an hour walk with Tim and Janice and it was so great to catch up with them.

20 - Monday -- I had a massage for the first time in forever!!!

21 - Tuesday -- Blog Friends Book Club is always a highlight of the month!!!

22 - Wednesday -- Sam cooked his curried shrimp soup for supper which is also a highlight!

23 - Thursday -- Rachel got to walk our neighbour's new bunny today which made her week. (Second sentence: I went to the dentist for the first time since before Covid and got an excellent report. Phew!)

24 - Friday -- I was exhausted after work, climbed into bed around 4:30, and read three books. (Second sentence: I think I needed some down time!)

25 - Saturday -- We walked A LOT this day, including to our city's LUMEN Festival in the evening.

26 - Sunday -- In person church is still very exciting, especially when it's followed by lunch with our best friends.

27 - Monday -- I was really tired so I went to bed early.

28 - Tuesday -- Tuesdays are my busy day and I was ready for sleep by the end of it.

29 - Wednesday -- We enjoyed a lovely family walk to the library and to get ice cream with a friend in the evening.

30 - Thursday -- I worked and watched the Jays' game.


  1. Praise God for your negative test and awesome that you got a massage- you deserve it Mama!

    1. I have another massage scheduled this month and I can't wait!!!

  2. What a great month! Those light displays are amazing.

  3. Love your mums and it sounds like you had a pretty busy month, but I love all the reading you did. Have a great day!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good month! :-)

  5. I had the same trouble! We had a few days at the end of the month that everything sort of blurred together and I really wasn't sure what we did (if anything!) since I had forgotten to write my sentence each day. I'm hoping I'll be better about documenting October. Sounds like a busy first month back to school and work.

    1. It was definitely a busy month, and yes, some of the days definitely blurred together.

  6. The mums are pretty for fall, with the rocks & wood. Oh my gosh, what fun, getting to take a rabbit for a walk. The LUMEN festival sounds fun too. Karen

    1. We LOVE the LUMEN festival and were thrilled it was in person this year!!!

  7. I had a massage....best sentence all month!! How dreamy!!

  8. It shocked me to read (even though I knew it) that your first day of school was in this post - it feels like we've been in school for forever ha. I'm glad life is starting to feel normal again!

  9. Next year we return to a post-Labor Day First Day of School. This year and the previous, we started a week prior because Labor Day was so late, but it just messes me up so much. Labor Day signifies the end of summer and to start school before then just messes everything up!


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