Tuesday, June 22, 2021

(No Longer) Just In Time For Father's Day!

Just in time for Father's Day*, I found another "All About Dad" survey. This came from Dara at Not In Jersey and you can see her post here. (*I meant to post this last Friday but our internet was out on Thursday (boo) so I didn't get it done.)

How much education has your dad completed?

Rachel: A lot!

Sam: A lot!

Dave: A PhD in Computer Science

What is your dad’s favorite food?

Rachel: Mushrooms

Sam: Pepperocini chips

Dave: Sushi

Which would your dad prefer NOT to do? a) Yardwork b) Laundry c) Car Maintenance

Rachel: Car maintenance

Sam: Car maintenance 

Dave: Absolutely car maintenance.

If Daddy could do anything he wanted to for 3 hours, what would it be?

Rachel: Play guitar

Sam: Nap 

Dave: Play guitar

If Daddy were to pick a vacation, which would he prefer? a) Luxury Resort b) Mountain Cabin c) Stay-cation {vacation at home} d) International Travel 

Rachel: International travel

Sam: International Travel

Dave: International travel.

Where did your parents meet? 

Rachel: In a house

Sam: I don't know. 

Dave: At 110 Columbia -- a house where mutual friends lived.

If your dad received a $1,000 prize, what would he do with it? 

Rachel: He would want to travel. 

Sam: Invest in stocks. Or pajama pants.

Dave: I guess I can't go on an international trip with that, eh? Buy a new bike.

Which of these does your dad prefer to watch?

a) Basketball b) Football c) Soccer d) Golf e) Baseball 

Rachel: Basketball and baseball 

Sam: Baseball 

Dave: Baseball

What was your dad’s first job? 

Rachel: Babysitting or at [the company he just left in January.]

Sam: Working at some fast food place somewhere.

Dave: Day camp counselor

What is your dad’s biggest pet peeve {something he dislikes}? 

Rachel: People telling him what to do 

Sam: Admitting Mommy was right!!! 

Dave: Messes around the house.

What is your dad’s favorite TV show? 

Rachel: Does he have one? 

Sam: The Mandalorian

Dave: The Simpsons

What is your dad’s favorite dessert? 

Rachel: Cheesecake 

Sam: Cheesecake 

Dave: Cheesecake

What is your dad’s favorite holiday? 

Rachel: Channukah 

Sam: His birthday or your anniversary

Dave: St Patrick's Day

Can you name a pet your dad had when he was little? 

Rachel: A rabbit 

Sam: A hamster 

Dave: Frisk-it the gerbil.

Name 3 adjectives to describe your dad… 

Rachel: Funny, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes annoying 

Sam: Funny, likes weird food, poky (like with his beard) 

Dave: Thoughtful, precise, quirky

How are you like your dad? 

Rachel: We both like music, we're both funny, and we both like to play games. 

Sam: We both like baseball. 

Dave: I'm like Rachel because we both enjoy arts and crafts and listening to music. I'm like Sam because we both enjoy baseball and computer games and we have an offbeat sense of humour. 

What is your dad’s favorite drink? 

Rachel: Coffee and beer. 

Sam: Coffee and beer. 

Dave: Beer and Coke, but not together.

Is your dad a morning or a night person? 

Rachel: Night person! Definitely a night owl. 

Sam: Both. 

Dave: Night. Person.

What is your dad good at? 

Rachel: Computers and playing guitar 

Sam: Music and computers and baseball and eating. 

Dave: Technical problem solving (on computers), musical activities, and crafty projects. 


  1. Nicely done! The kids got a lot of the answers close to what Dave said!

  2. You know I'm a fan of these posts! Love the stuff they know so well. Will use this at some point!

  3. Love it! I enjoy these types of post so much and have these questioned bookmarked to ask my kids for their dad's birthday since I missed father's day.

  4. This was awesome to read- love how well your kids know Dave!

  5. Always love these! "Admitting Mommy was right" - DYING of laughter. Also, please elaborate on Dave's favorite holiday being St Patrick's Day? It seems so random for a favorite!


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