Thursday, June 24, 2021

Monthly Musings: End Of School And Summer Plans

Since it's the last Thursday of the month, it's once again time to link up with Holly and Patty for Monthly Musings. This time we're talking "end of school and summer plans." This is particularly appropriate today because, in our province, 6th grade is the end of elementary school so this morning is Sam's 6th Grade Graduation. It will be low-key since it's online (boo) but it's happening today. Next year he's off to middle school. Yikes.


1) Any last day of school traditions?

There used to be a last day of school neighbourhood party but Covid killed that. Hopefully next year it will return. Other than that we take the "last day of school" pictures and have strawberries and ice cream for breakfast the next day (first day of summer vacation), which reminds me that I need to put both ice cream and strawberries on the grocery list for this weekend! (You can see all the pictures of our strawberries and ice cream breakfast in my last Monthly Musings post here.)

Last day of school, June 2020

2) Do you make a summer list? What is everyone looking forward to most this summer?

We just made our Summer Fun List this past Sunday afternoon. Side note: My family is hilarious because I called, "Come outside everybody, we're going to make a list." I didn't say what the list was going to be and within three minutes, everyone was outside ready to make a list. It was only after they were all gathered that I said, "It's our Summer Fun List." Wouldn't they have been disappointed if I'd announced it was a "Chores to finish this weekend" list instead. Hahaha!!!

In terms of what everyone is looking forward most to this summer, well, I asked them.

Rachel: Going to Saskatchewan and getting my ears pierced!

Sam: Not having to do anything, going to Saskatchewan, and playing baseball on the same team as my friend who is moving back to our province after three years!

Dave: Good weather for outdoor activities like baseball and swimming and hanging out in our backyard, spending time in Saskatchewan (!!!), and having a slightly slower pace of life with Natasha at home to deal with the kids! (Note from Natasha: I worked outside the house for three months this year while Dave was working from home and the kids were doing online learning so Dave didn't quite get the work time he wanted.)

 Natasha: Relaxing, reading, and going to Saskatchewan!!!

3) Any summer vacation plans?

Yes, we're planning to go and visit my parents in Saskatchewan this summer. (Just in case that wasn't obvious from every single answer above. Hahaha!!!) Other than that, no, we still can't travel outside of Canada thanks to Covid. 

Last year in Saskatchewan

4) Favourite summer outfits? What do you live in in the summer?

Shorts, t-shirts, and sunglasses. If it's really hot, I'll wear a tank top but I prefer t-shirts.

5) Favourite summer meal?

My favourite summer meal is something on the BBQ, a side salad of some sort, and some of our fresh CSA veggies -- either raw or steamed. It's super easy and really good!

Our first CSA BBQ meal this year -- grilled romaine lettuce and salad.

6) Do you end school in May or June? How about when you were growing up?

Our last day of school this year is on Monday. Normally school ends on a Thursday for us (so a lot of parents were expecting the last day to be today) so I don't know what's up this year. It feels like the school year is going really long.

When I was a kid, it usually ended around June 25th, but often our last day of school was a Wednesday, for some reason...

7) Bikini? Tankini? One piece?

I've never been a bikini person and I used to be a tankini person. However, my current suit is a one piece with a lot of cut outs and I really like it. However, the elastic is going so as soon as stores (and fitting rooms) open, I'm going swimsuit shopping and who knows what I'll end up with?!?!?

my current swimsuit, technically a one piece

8) What are your 4th of July* plans? *Canada Day

Since I'm Canadian, we don't celebrate the 4th of July. Our national holiday is Canada Day on July 1, which celebrates the day we became a confederation in 1867. However this year, Canada Day celebrations are being muted because of the discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children buried at a residential school in BC. We, as a country, are grappling with this dark piece of our history and for many people, it feels wrong to celebrate our country at this time. I am in agreement with this and we'll see how we choose to use our day off instead.

If you're interested, you can read more about some of the thinking behind it here.

9) Do you dress in red, white, and blue on July 4*? *Red and white on Canada Day

Normally, I do dress in red and white on Canada Day. I found a shirt at Wal-Mart a few years ago which I really love.

10) Charcoal or gas grill?

We have a gas (propane) BBQ. We just bought a new one last year and Dave spent most of the summer putting it together. He's been loving it and how big it is! And we use it A LOT in the spring and summer. 

I'm off to read this rest of the posts in the link up and if you didn't join in today, let me know below, what are your end of school thoughts and summer plans? And do you have any good swimsuit recommendations???


  1. I hope you have a great summer & enjoy visiting your parents!

  2. Your thoughts on Canada Day are why I haven't loved celebrating July 4th in recent years. It's hard to celebrate our nation's origins when we know they were built on someone else's homes.

  3. Love the summer list story- ha! Hope you have a wonderful time visiting your parents- yeah!

    1. Yay! We're sooooo excited!!! And we need to get moving on our summer list. Hahaha!

  4. Oh gee, are you going to Saskatchewan?! Haha, that's awesome.
    You and I agree on Canada Day this year I think.

    1. I know -- it's a little hard to tell :)

      And yes, we had a lower key Canada Day this year and it was good.

  5. Thank you for joining Holly and me. I truly appreciate the perspective you are bringing us from Canada . Oh and I love your swimsuit.

  6. Propane grill all the way!

  7. So glad y'all can at least travel within Canada!

  8. So glad you get to travel to Saskatchewan again this year; I know you were so hopeful that would happen!!

    1. We're all soooo excited!!! In case you couldn't tell :)

  9. I'm about a month late to this but HAPPY SUMMER! As a child, I remember ending school on June 24th (4 days before my BFF's bday) so I find it funny you ended June 25th. Also, LOVE your bathing suit!


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