Tuesday, June 08, 2021

I Spy: Week 22

This past weekend was a little nuts and I didn't get my I Spy post ready to go in time. In fact, full disclosure here -- it's 9:20 on Monday night and I'm typing this from bed already. It's been a few days full of both lots of fun and lots of meltdowns and I am done. So here's my I Spy post for this past week. Many of the pictures are from the bee themed first birthday party our across the street neighbour threw for her daughter. The details were amazing and I asked her if I could feature some of these pictures in this week's I Spy. She kindly said yes! As always, I'm linking up with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook.

Let's Play iSpy 2021 

{floral print}

Rachel put a lot of thought into her party outfit and thought this yellow floral print dress with her fancy sandals would go well with the theme! She also had me braid her hair and added a sparkly gold bow for full party effect!


Our neighbour made these super cute balloon garlands featuring lots of yellow and orange. It was so fun to watch her decorating all day.

{starts with F}

We enjoyed a beach day at Lake Erie on Saturday and "fun" starts with F! A lot of fun was had this day!!!


You won't often find watermelon and yellow mustard on my fork but I tried this fad on Sunday and thought it wasn't bad! 

{your choice}

The bee decorations for the party were so cute, I had to capture a picture!

So yes, a first birthday party and a beach day -- plus an epic grocery trip and the after effects of too much fun -- are why I haven't blogged for a few days.


  1. F is For Fun! I'm thinking you might know that song. That's awesome you went to the lake! I've never heard of watermelon and mustard, it doesn't sound great to me!

  2. The waves look dreamy- cant wait to get to the beach! Looks like summer is in full force there- enjoy!

  3. So fun to get to the beach!!

  4. Mustard on watermelon?! I don't know about that but it does sound like a fun party and how nice to get away to the beach.

  5. I used to visit family in Michigan when I was a teenager and we would go the the Great Lakes...it was always so much fun and really felt like we were in the ocean. :)

  6. Watermelon and mustard??? Hmmm. Not sure about that. But would be willing to try. Glad to be reminded that we have melon in the fridge.
    Rachel is adorable in her sunny yellow outfit. Great job.
    Glad you have had some terrific reasons for not blogging. Living life is always better than blogging about it.

  7. Look at Rachel in her dress - so cute.
    I totally am getting watermelon this weekend to try that out!

  8. I just recently saw a YouTuber or somebody who did a whole thing about Watermelon and Mustard. Not sure that would be my thing :-) Rachel looks adorable.


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