Friday, April 09, 2021

Be It Resolved: April 2021 Goals

This is my "keeping it real" post. I don't know what it was about March but I did not succeed at my goals at all. I got about two things accomplished so many of these goals are going on the list for April as well. Some months are like that, right?

I still want to get all my March goals accomplished so I will share the three things I did get done in March.

5) Go through "the box" of books.

We did get through the box of books. I am excited that the books are either on our shelves or out of our house. This took about fifteen minutes one Saturday so I'm not sure why the box sat in our house, untouched, for six months. Can you all relate?!?!?

7) Go through Rachel's clothes.

Okay, technically Rachel and I didn't do this until this past Monday (so it was April already) but since we did it before I published this post, I'm counting it as done for March. She still has a lot of clothes in the laundry but none of them will go back into her room until I know she will wear them. We got rid of a lot of clothes.

The bag is stuffed full for the thrift store and the laundry basket is full of clothes to keep/get rid of in other ways.

8) Figure out Sam's birthday party (and present).

This goal mostly got accomplished because it had to get done! Ha! We had a few of Sam's classmates meet us at the park the day of his birthday and they played together. Then we gave them all cupcakes and water. It was very low-key. As for his present, Sam and I basically looked at lists of "good gifts for 12 and 13 year olds" and he picked a burrito blanket. Thus, I made my second Amazon purchase since January, breaking my "I only buy things off Amazon every five years" streak.

Now for my April goals, which are basically a repeat of my March goals with a few extra.

1) Pick out February and March pictures for the yearly calendars.

Clearly this goal isn't a habit because I didn't get it done. Back it goes on the goal list for April.

2) Floss every day.

I flossed maybe three times in March. Thus far, I've flossed twice in April. That's improvement, right?!?!

3) Clean out our bedroom closet.

Dave did get rid of the box from his work computer but our closet still needs a ton of help. Ugh. Maybe we need some rainy weather in April so we can get this done.

4) Clean out hall closet.

We didn't even touch the hall closet in March so... back on the list it goes.

5) File our taxes.

Since our tax deadline is April 30, this HAS TO happen this month. Maybe we'll do it this weekend -- oooohhh, fun times at our house!

6) Go through Sam's clothes.

Now that Rachel's clothes are done, it's time to tackle Sam's drawers. Since we have Spring Break next week, that might be our major task for the week.

7) Get some books off my personal TBR.

This was a February goal which crashed and burned. But I'm off work all next week and my library TBR isn't that big (for once) so it's time to make a dent in my personal stack.

I've already read one book off this stack! Whoo hoo!!!

8) Get out for a walk every day.

Our province is headed into another four week lockdown yesterday and it would be so easy to just sit at home and not move. But I am refusing to do that so my goal is to get out for a decent walk (at least 3 kilometres, if not more) every single day for this lockdown. My mental health will be so much better if I don't allow myself to turn into a big blob, not to mention my physical health.

Aren't you so glad you read my blog so that you can be riveted by exciting content like this?!?!? Seriously, these posts are mostly just to motivate me. (You all see how well that worked in March, right?!?!) Hopefully when you come back in May, I will have accomplished more than I did this past month but we shall see...


  1. I need to get better at flossing...ugh!!
    I need to check on my taxes too l:

  2. Good for you Natasha- love them- love goals and making lists and checking things off!! Happy Friday!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I can check a few more of these off in April...!

  3. We still need to do our taxes too! Thank goodness for the extension.
    Is that a BURRITO BLANKET???? LOL Love it

  4. Yay for flossing. :)
    I constantly have to go through the kids clothes and figure out what no longer fits. If I end up with extra outfits (that fit) I put them in the trunk of my car in case we have an emergency.
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. I love these kind of posts and that burrito blanket is the coolest and funniest thing I've seen in awhile.

    1. When we saw it on the list of things kids like, Sam said, "I WANT THAT!!!" and it was in our price range so sold!

  6. It's so hard to keep motivated through all these lockdowns. Easy to procrastinate. Love your honest real life posts.

    1. I've been finding it so hard to stay motivated. This constant back and forth has been really discouraging. I mean, didn't we just go through this?!?!?

  7. I am putting together my spring goals tomorrow. I should make flossing one of mine!! Really irresponsible about doing it. And I have a toothache so need to take the hint.

  8. TAXES!!!!! We did ours on Saturday night. So thrilling lol


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