Tuesday, February 02, 2021

One Sentence A Day: January 2021

January 2021 started with our whole province in a lock down and ended with our province in an even stricter lock down. Yay?!?

1 - Friday -- We had a fun brunch with mimosas for all, watched the movie Soul on Disney+, and I walked over 12km (7.5 miles).

2 - Saturday -- I baked buns and we went for a winter walk to the library and ran into a few people on the path.

3 - Sunday -- We cleaned up all the Christmas and Channukah things, watched a few Hallmark movies, and did some shoveling.

4 - Monday -- I got to work in the school and it was so quiet -- only four people in the whole building.

5 - Tuesday -- This was one of the busier days I've worked and I felt like I was two tasks behind all day long.

6 - Wednesday -- I watched the news for basically seven hours straight trying to take in what I was seeing and what had happened.

7 - Thursday -- We had our first take out and family game night and it was pretty fun. (More sentences: Also, the province announced that our kids would continue remote learning for two more weeks. Ugh.)

8 - Friday -- I went to bed at 7pm.

9 - Saturday -- We went on an errand-y walk and made snowmen pizza for supper.

10 - Sunday -- We enjoyed making stained glass cookies this day -- a fun project for the whole family!

11 - Monday -- I finally got our family calendar done for January and I painted my toenails.

12 - Tuesday -- They demolished the back half of the house next door to us and our province was put into a state of emergency.

13 - Wednesday -- Rachel threw her comfort bag down the stairs and it exploded, sending a mess of beads everywhere and causing her much heartbreak.

14 - Thursday -- A stricter lock down began for our province this day.

15 - Friday -- I worked from home, we had a snowy/rainy walk to the library, and we ate strawberry ice cream.

I enjoyed getting a chance to see Rachel doing some of her schoolwork!

16 - Saturday -- We went on a really fun winter hike.

17 - Sunday -- Happy Birthday Dave!!!

18 - Monday -- I did a lot of photocopying at work today and finished my book club book in the evening.

19 - Tuesday -- I woke up at 5am to get my workout in and felt so accomplished when it was done by 6:30am!

20 - Wednesday -- Everyone got out of the house today for a walk and Sam and Rachel enjoyed playing on the big snow pile in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

21 - Thursday -- Continued school closures (until at least February 10th) were announced so we made some changes to our schedule, including enforced daily outside time.

Also a man from our church brought us a fresh made apple pie this day to support us during our time of online learning.

22 - Friday -- The kids were off school but Dave and I both had to work so it was an interesting day of balancing work and kids.

23 - Saturday -- I read an entire book this day (it was really good) and we enjoyed our church's virtual winter retreat evening of playing games and visiting.

24 - Sunday -- Rachel and I completed an entire puzzle this morning.

25 - Monday -- I was waiting for Covid test results so the kids and I played in the back yard this afternoon.

26 - Tuesday -- My results eventually came back (negative - yay!) and we shoveled a lot of snow.

27 - Wednesday -- I taught Rachel how to make the chocolate cake I made when I was a kid for Chocolate Cake Day!

28 - Thursday -- The sun was shining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 - Friday -- It was a bit of an up and down day and in the evening we went for a walk to the library where we made penguin snow sculptures.

30 - Saturday -- We went for quite a long walk today to get croissants for Croissant Day!

31 - Sunday -- I did groceries, a workout video, and had a "spa day afternoon few hours" with Rachel.


  1. The snowman pizza is adorable!!

    I like your sentence for the sun being out, it was something to celebrate after so many grey days.

    1. I got the idea to make a snowman pizza from a friend on Instagram and they were really fun! And yes, the sun shining that day was DEFINITELY a highlight!!!

  2. Looks like you are making the best of these snowy days!
    Those cookie ornaments are adorable!

    (I am new to the link up and have enjoyed visiting your page) -Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

  3. Oh my goodness...you all are so much fun!
    7.5 miles?!? Wow!
    My b-day was the 15th. :)
    I tried to watch the news on the 6th for a few minutes but it was interrupting Lance's tv time...oh well. I guess I'll be the last to know when the world ends...lol.

  4. I love your snowman pizza and all your workouts. Reminds me I need to get back to my walking.

  5. Oh I bet it was wonderful to see the sun! Your pizza looks yummy; we once made one that looked like BB8 when Star Wars came out and a candy cane one at Christmas but I don't think we've ever made a snowman pizza.

    1. I was SO happy to see the sun!!! And I love that you made a BB8 pizza -- that's super fun!

  6. What a great January despite all the craziness in the world!

  7. OH NO... poor Rachel. I imagine it was not fun to get all those beads up.
    That pizza snowman is just so fun.
    All the COVID tests. Glad you got another negative result!!!

  8. We are in strict lockdown too! That pizza looks lovely, I'll have to suggest that to my daughter for her to do with her two children.

  9. Poor Rachel and her comfort bag. Have you guys tried weighted blankies. I want one!! My granddaughters have them and love them. And no filler beads to break open and spill everywhere.
    Love the snow and snowman pizza. The picture of you girls hugging is frameable.
    Wonder if school is still scheduled to resume in person next week? It is kind of cool to be able to see your kids' education in person but I worry about all these babies that have been away from in person learning and the social interaction of regular school. My introverted granddaughter is barely out of her room these days. Waaa!

  10. That snowman pizza looks delish! Spa hours sounds like so much fun. I'm so sorry to hear schools are continuing to stay closed. Rachel looks like she's having so much fun in that schoolwork pic!

  11. Happy New Year! I like your sun/snow picture. I've got a puzzle out on the table but not been in much of a mood to work it. I've been reading everyone's SaD & watching mini series instead of puzzle working these days. Karen

    1. January seems to be puzzle month for us. I didn't really get into them before the holidays and now I've really been enjoying them.


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