Friday, June 28, 2019

Wedding Fun Survey

This makes two days in a row where I'm borrowing a blog post idea from Bekah. Keep sending good ideas my way, friend! Since tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary, I thought I would fill out this fun wedding survey. You can see Bekah's responses here.

1. What's your favorite wedding movie?

Definitely Father of the Bride. I've seen that movies so many times and I cry Every. Single. Time.

2. How many weddings have you been in?

Three-ish. I was a bridesmaid for my friend Sarah and a guest book attendant for my aunt and uncle and for our close friends.
Our friends, Donny and Marika, got married six weeks before we did. I got to read the Scripture and be the guest book attendant at their wedding.

3. What season did you get married in (or would be your ideal)? 

We got married in the summer. I would have loved to get married in the spring but the last weekend in June is what worked best for everyone's schedules and we wanted to make it somewhat convenient for our guests to attend. We got married on the long weekend around the national holidays for Canada and the US.

4. Would you rather honeymoon in Europe or at the beach?

We honeymooned in Scotland and Ireland and it was perfect. We spent part of the time in a small B&B on the west coast of Ireland and there wasn't a lot to do so it was very relaxing. But we still got to see the sights in Edinburgh and Dublin so it was interesting too!

5. What is your favorite fictional wedding scene?

I don't know that I have one...

6. Where do you dream about creating a gift registry?

If we'd had a Target in Canada at the time, I totally would have registered there. We registered at Linens 'N Things (which has closed since then) and at The Bay. That was really fun! I don't know where I would register if I was getting married today -- maybe at a travel agency! HA!

7. Did you have a "something blue" on your wedding day?
Yes, I had my necklace which Dave and I had bought in Prague the summer before we got married and I found blue earrings to wear. My "something borrowed" were the hair jewels (from my friend Marika who wore them in her wedding).

My "something old" was the myrtle I wore in my hair. My great-grandma wore it in her hair on her wedding day and I think my grandma did too. The myrtle came from my great-aunt who had a plant which was grown from a cutting from the original plant. My mom brought the myrtle from Saskatchewan. I LOVED being able to be a part of this tradition :)

ETA: I realized it was actually laurel in my hair and not myrtle. Argh. Eleven years is a long time to remember details :)

8. Would you ever consider an outdoor wedding?
Dave wanted to get married outdoors but I was too nervous about thunderstorms at 4pm in late June. So we had our pictures outdoors but got married at our church. Because Dave is Jewish, we got married under a chuppah and had a Jewish and a Christian officiant.
As we left the church we had all the kids blowing bubbles at us. It was awesome!

As much as I loved our wedding day, and remember most of it, I have loved the adventures of being married for eleven years even more!


  1. LOVED THIS!! I don't think I'd ever read about your something old before - HOW COOL!

  2. What is myrtle? The plant? Please explain. :) This was a really fun post, and Happy Anniversary! We celebrate 15 this fall, so I'm saving this for then!

  3. This is so sweet. Since I came from a broken home, I am very thankful to be in a stable and loving marriage. I also have a deep and sincere admiration for other long-term married couples. :)

  4. SO FUN and happy anniversary! I LOVE the myrtle in your hair; that's such a classic look and I wish I'd tried something like that. I'll have to save this for next year's anniversary post.


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