Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So About Those June Goals...

I'm taking a break from Kenya posts for a few days because I have to sort through 636 pictures before I can blog about our safari and it's going to take me a bit of time do that. Ha!

So back at the beginning of June, I wrote a post with my June goals. (You can read it here.) I meant to publish this post the day before we left for Kenya, but life intervened (as it often does), so you're getting it today instead. Because I'm sure you've all been holding your breath to see how they went. Ha!

1) Drink more water.

I felt like I did fairly well on this goal. I was trying to keep track on my FitBit but it was too much for me to deal with, but I would say on the whole I drank between one and three bottles a day. Since a bottle is 750ml (just over three cups), I was pleased. Also, I only drank coffee-hot chocolate about every two days (with a few minor exceptions), instead of every day so I managed to cut back on that too. (Update: Since returning from Kenya my caffeine rate is incredibly high but I'm blaming jet lag for that one!)

2) Make serious progress on my To Be Read pile.

I really should have known better than to set this goal during a busy month. While I did get rid of a few books off this pile (the ones that were beyond useful), this pile has not significantly changed. I'm going to make this a July goal instead.

3) Finish the kitchen art.
Done and done! Yay!

4) Find some good thick books to read in Kenya

I was definitely set for Kenya reading. I read five (almost six) books while we were gone. My favourite one was probably Seven Days in May by Kim Izzo, about the sinking of the Lusitania during World War 1. I also discovered a new mystery series by Allison Brennan which I am eager to read more of. It's her Lucy Kincaid series.

5) Get all the dandelions out of our yard and MOW THE LAWN.

This was probably my biggest June accomplishment. The kids helped A TON, and Dave provided moral support, but I finished the last of the back yard the day of Rachel's birthday party, and I have to say, I'm pleased with how nice the yard looks. Just don't look too closely at the back flowerbeds :) Ha!
6) Find a house/yard sitter.

I also managed to accomplish this goal and the gift for our house sitter has already been delivered so I don't even need to add it to my July goal list!

7) Weed and plant the front bed.


Thankfully, this is also done. And it makes me happy every time I'm out there. 
8) Celebrate Rachel's birthday, three baptisms, Father's Day, and the last day of school.
You can read about Rachel's birthday celebration here, we celebrated the three baptisms the Sunday before we left, and we marked the last day of school too. Phew.

Unfortunately, the weekend before we left was crazy so Dave gracefully agreed that we could celebrate Father's Day in August. (Our first three weekends home are insane.)

9) Clear old pictures off of the iPad to make room for new ones. I never actually got anywhere with this but we didn't actually take any pictures on the iPad in Kenya, so it wasn't actually that big of a deal. Phew.

10) Go through the kids' clothes and fully complete the size/season switch over. Thank goodness Sam was patient about trying on flannel lined jeans in 25C (77F) weather, Rachel was (mostly) stoic about getting rid of clothes which were too small for her, and this has been accomplished.

11) Try not to go insane. I'm not sure this goal was accomplished. You'll have to check with Dave on that one! Hahaha!

Tomorrow I will try to post my July goals and then on Thursday, I will get back to blogging about Kenya.

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