Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July To-Dos

It feels a little silly to write a list of July goals when there are only three weeks left but I really want to get some things done, and being able to refer back to them on the blog is actually kind of useful for me :) Tomorrow, I promise I will be back to more exciting blogging, although maybe some of you get excited about seeing what I want to get done each month! Ha!

1) Tackle my TBR pile. This was a June goal, if you might remember, but I realized it was an unrealistic June goal so it's back on my list. With the 24in48 Readathon coming up next weekend, I'm hoping I will be able to diminish this pile a little.

2) Start, and finish, our Kenya trip photo book. We're going to the States at the end of August and I'd love to be able to pick up our completed book then. Since it took me over two years to finish our Southern Road Trip book and almost a year to finish our road trip book from last summer, this is indeed an ambitious goal!

3) Menu plan for the rest of the month and eat out less. Currently the menu plan for this month shows... nothing. Not a single meal. I've given myself a couple of days grace due to returning from a big vacation and being tired, but I really want to curb our eating out habits. If I menu plan and stick to it, we should be able to accomplish this goal.

Question for you: Do you menu plan? What are some tried and true meals for your family?

4) Deal with stuff... This is a really boring goal but I want to deal with the kids' school stuff (go through their boxes of schoolwork and file things or recycle them), our pictures which haven't gotten into albums yet, and all the souvenirs from Kenya. See, I just have stuff to deal with.

5) Make a "summer bucket list" and a "summer schedule" with the kids and do some things on it. I have a whole Pinterest board filled with fun summer activities (or activities I decided would be more fun to do in summer), and I want to be intentional about accomplishing some of those things. (You can check my Pinterest board out here if you're interested.)

Build in a simple predictable schedule for summer days

6) Make a new summer wreath. I have this one from a few years ago and I've decided it's time for something new. I just haven't decided what the new one will be yet. However, I should be able to find a fun idea from my "Wreaths" Pinterest board. (You can see it here, if you care!)
7) Start working on my sermon. I am worship leading at church at the end of this month and preaching at church mid-August so I would like to get a start on the sermon. First of all, I should probably figure out the scripture I am preaching on. Ha!

I realize my goals for this month aren't particularly exciting, or lofty, but I will be so happy if I can get them accomplished. Do you set monthly goals for yourself?


  1. I menu plan every Sunday and then grocery shop Monday. I'd say my default "I give up" meals is Shells n peas. Frozen peas + 1 cup heavy cream + nutmeg, salt, and pepper simmer together in a saucepan while pasta mini shells cook. Once cooked, drain and add to peas/heavy cream then add a hefty dose of Parmesan. It's not a particularly healthy meal (white pasta & heavy cream!) but it's delicious and only takes 20 minutes.

  2. I did set monthly goals until this pregnancy hit. Sheesh! We have a summer bucket list, but it's super short and consists of things like "Sonic run" and "eat marshmallows." Ha!
    On the menu planning, we're still working to improve, but one of our standards is Taco Tuesday (or burrito or whatever)...beans, veggies, cheese, guac, wrapped in some type of covering. Everyone loves it!


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