Monday, June 26, 2017

We Went To Kenya!

This past Thursday (June 22), we left for our family's most ambitious travel adventure to date. Rachel was really intrigued by these floating squares at the Toronto airport.
There was basically no gate to wait at in the part of the airport we were in. Instead everyone sat at these tables with iPads. Rachel played around and was ready to order an ice water (just by clicking random buttons). Sam ended up sitting at the bar watching a Blue Jays' game. Ha!

We had a short-ish (seven hour) flight to Frankfurt, Germany first. We all ate supper and tried to get some sleep. The kids were pretty hyper (and the plane was bright and loud) so we all only got about two and a half hours of sleep.
Dave enjoyed a Frankfurter (ha!), and the kids and I had hot chocolate and chocolate croissants. I was so proud of myself that I ordered in German :) Then Rachel played on an indoor playground and Sam and I explored the airport.
Sam also went to a castle and enjoyed Oktoberfest. Hahaha!

We found some really big planes.
Sam and Rachel cuddled in a car. Considering they had had so little sleep, they did awesome. We were in Germany from 6am - 11am German time. Then we boarded our flight to Nairobi. We all slept another couple of hours and landed in Nairobi at 8pm, local time. We got through customs, got our bags, found our driver, and the kids were totally energized for a ten minute walk to the car. We arrived at our friends' house and basically went straight to bed. We all slept for about ten hours straight and woke up ready to go.
Sam loves sitting in the back seat of our friends' truck. Rachel loves sitting without a booster seat! Ha!
Carla took us to the Mennonite Guest House. They have huge grounds with lots of fun things to do. Rachel immediately mastered the monkey bars. And then we tried swinging. Sam played frisbee with Aaron, Ella, and Ben.
Just swinging with Rachel. In Kenya.
The grounds were gorgeous so of course, I took some pictures, like this one of pineapple growing.
Rachel on another swing-y thing.
Then Ella and Rachel climbed a tree. Rachel has turned into a monkey since we got to Kenya.
Then we ate the most delicious wood fired pizza. Um, yummmmmm!!!
And to no one's surprise, I took some pictures of flowers.

It has been so fun to see all the kids playing together again. They picked up like it hadn't been three years since they'd seen each other.
That night Dave made tuna melts and it was just like home, except he was also drinking a Kenyan beer. Ha!

And that was our first day in Kenya. Day two coming soon...

*You can read about Days 2 and 3 here.


  1. Sooo cool!!!! That pineapple growing on a plant- AMAZING!! What an adventure for your family!

  2. You guys are rockstars! I am just amazed by this trip and so happy you made these memories. Awesome. :D

  3. I'm really impresssed by how the kids did on the flights. In fact, I think they did better than me. We had some crazy rocky turbulence over the Atlantic and I just about lost my mind. Also, you all don't seem that much affected by jet lag since you got there in the evening and went right to bed. That's great timing!


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