Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All About Sam

Every year, usually around January, I ask the kids the same set of questions. This year I am a little behind. Given that this is Sam's birthday week, I thought I'd start with him. So for your enjoyment, here is "All About Sam."
This is a pretty typical "Sam" picture these days -- hanging out in his cozy pjs and playing Lego, Minecraft Lego in this case.

What is your name? Sam
How old are you? Seven
What is your favourite colour? purple and blue and red
Who is your best friend? Willem
What is your favourite animal? Uh... owls
What is your favourite movie? I don't really have one
What is your favourite book? books about Minecraft
What is your favourite food? nachos and tacos
What is your favourite song? Twas In The Moon of Wintertime
What makes you happy? playing iPad
What makes you sad? When someone punches me (Yikes! I did clarify that no one was punching him on a regular basis.)
What is your favourite game? Monopoly
Can you write your name for me? (Sam really wants to learn cursive, as you may have guessed!)
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  1. Love this! I fell behind this year. :)

  2. Ahhh I love his "cursive" signature!! Who says we don't need to teach kids cursive anymore? They are clamoring for it!!

  3. I love this! I did something similar but I would have liked to include "what makes you happy" and "what makes you sad" - those are good ones.


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