Friday, April 15, 2016

That Time We Got Passed By Canada's Prime Minister And Other Montreal Stories

After an unintentional hiatus, I am finally back recapping the last day of our Montreal-Ottawa trip. I should also mention that, after my last two trip posts, Dave's dad e-mailed me. He worked for a radio show in Ottawa before he got married and one of the things he did was research in the Parliamentary Library. How do I get that job?!?!?!

He also noted that the Olympics held in Montreal in 1976 were the Summer Olympics, which was a complete surprise to me. Sidenote: Canada came in 27th in the medals count with a total of 11 medals and no golds. The Wikipedia article I read pointed out: Canada remains the only host nation of a Summer Olympics that did not win at least one gold medal in its own games. (from here.)

We started out the day by going to Old Montreal. Sadly, it was bitterly cold, most things were closed, and Rachel cried about ninety percent of the time we were walking, so it wasn't the most awesome part of our holiday.

At one point Sam's French teacher jokingly told his class that if they were going on a trip they had to invite her. So Sam invited her to come to Montreal with us. She declined but, since she grew up there, she gave Sam some "Montreal homework." Above, he is standing in front of the cathedral where Celine Dion got married. Maybe you've heard of her?!?
We stopped for some hot chocolate and a cafe mocha (I can't remember what Dave had -- oops!), and the rest of our short visit in Old Montreal was a little more pleasant.
I really like the cobblestone streets -- it felt very European and I would love to go back sometime when it's not so cold and things are open.
One of the questions Sam's teacher had for him was "Where do the Montreal Canadiens play?" Since the Bell Centre was right at the metro stop for our hotel, and we had some time to spare, we did a brief walkabout of the area. It was a totally amazing hockey history experience. A lot of big hockey names have played with The Montreal Canadiens.
Then we met our friends for lunch. We ate at this amazing cafe where our friends knew the owner. Sam and Rachel enjoyed another crepe -- bananas and nutella...
...and Dave ordered Eggs Benedict poutine. I ate about half of Dave's order. Fries with gravy and hollandaise sauce are my new downfall!
The kids loved playing with our friends' daughter, E, and Rachel especially was such a mother to her. "Hold my hand now!" We can't wait to visit with these friends again.
We also got to go across the street and visit a bakery where they make Montreal bagels in a wood-fired oven. It was so cool to watch and these pictures don't do it justice.
The baker had amazing skills with this long paddle and expertly flipped the bagels around in the oven. I wish I lived across the street from this bakery.
The cafe we ate at is in our Prime Minister's riding (electoral area) and our friends commented, because there was a huge parade going on for Greek Independence Day, that he was likely visiting a couple of blocks away. On our drive back to Ottawa, we were just outside the city limits, when all of a sudden, a caravan of black SUVs and minivans passed us going exceedingly fast. They were definitely in formation. We knew someone important was somewhere in one of those vehicles.

And then Dave and I looked at each other and said, "Was that the Prime Minister?!?!?!?" And after talking to a few people, we have determined it was. He was traveling home from the parade which had been right near the cafe.

After that exciting (and slightly terrifying moment), we made our way to Dave's aunt and uncle's house where we enjoyed an excellent supper and good visiting. And then it was time for bed.

The next day we headed home and that ended our exciting Ottawa-Montreal-Blue Jays trip. As with practically every vacation, it was too short, and I can't wait to go back and visit again.


  1. THOSE BAGELS. YUM. I feel like Canadians (Canadiens??) don't get enough credit for how yummy your food is (or looks, anyway)!! I've never even heard of a wood-fired oven bagels, but I feel like it's an area of carbs I definitely need to look into!!

    1. Haha! I kind of figured Erika would point out the spelling difference in Canadiens. ;-)

  2. This looks so fun...and I love the food pictures! :)

  3. So cool! The food looks amazing. And it sounds like Dave's dad needs to do a guest post!

  4. Looks like a good trip all around... except maybe for the cold!!

  5. Hmmm, I would have guessed Winter Olympics too. That just seems more you guys' thing. :-) Mmmmm, those hot chocolates look so yummy...even when I am reading this in June. Haha! And I kind of did lol at the nutella crepes after my comment on your other post. Haha! And those smothered fries may just be the most unhealthy thing I have ever heard you mention eating...but definitely one of the yummiest. I always laugh a little about how much Dave loves his meats while you are the vegetarian. Ya'll are such opposites but work so well together! :-)


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