Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Weekend What

Yes, it's Thursday. Yes, it's almost noon on Thursday. And yes, I am just now getting around to writing about last weekend. What can I say? Life is a little crazy! Also, it's hard to pre-write posts about the weekend on the weekend which is how some of the other posts this past week happened.

So back to last weekend...
Rachel has gotten really into colouring lately. I love it. I particularly love this self-portrait. Notice the proportion of her eyelashes to her stomach! Ha! I think she also wants longer legs :)
The kids are getting so excited for OMA AND OPA (my parents) to arrive. And "Oma and Opa" is emphasized because that's how the kids say it. Rachel runs into our room every morning and asks, "Are OMA AND OPA here yet?!?" Anyways, since my parents hadn't yet left last Friday, Opa Facetimed with Sam and Rachel to tell them a bedtime story.

And as you may, or may not, remember, Dave and I are one of the last married couples in North America to sleep in a double bed. And one of the things I wanted to do this year is get a queen bed. Well, due to some happy circumstances, we have now said good-bye to this...
our sad little double bed

...and said hello to this!
our new big QUEEN bed!!! Whoo hoo!!!

So on Sunday we gave the kids one of their Chanukah presents (the game of Quirkle), and they played happily.
While they were doing that, we took this...
our basement, which didn't seem too bad at the time

...and turned it into this!
Yes, we now have a lovely guest space, complete with an awesome 70s style lamp. We got rid of a bunch of things, did some major cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, spider web clearing), moved some stuff around, and are really happy with our new space. Hopefully our guests enjoy it too.

So that was last weekend around here. Well, we also did some more Chanukah celebrating but you'll get to read about that tomorrow. If I make the time to write that blog post today, that is!


  1. NICE!!! I love the guest space so much! :)

    My in-laws still sleep in a double bed - they say they like it that way because they get to be closer. :) Ryan and I have a king, but when we go on vacation and get to sleep in a queen, we tend to like it for the same reasons! {Except in a queen, Ryan is a cover hog. Not in a king, but in a queen.}

  2. Your basement looks great!!! I wish that we had guest space. I bet you are enjoying the extra room in the bed!

  3. Nice! We love our queen but could easily go for a king-sized. I need my space--ha!

  4. Oh I love your new big bed! And I really love the guest space. I wish I could come stay in it one day soon. :-)


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