Friday, September 11, 2015

Week 12: "E" Is For Excuses

This week for the writing challenge, I am supposed to write about "someone I miss." I am really looking forward to sharing this post with you, and I have been working on (and crying over) it. However, it is not finished yet.

This is a lame blog post to tell you about "somethings I miss" instead. Things like sleeping past 6:30am, time to read a book (it just took me five whole days to finish one of my favourite books), time to clean the house, time to respond to e-mails/blog comments, time to write a (non-lame) blog post -- are you sensing a theme here?!? Oh, the lack of time...

I know that in a month I will be (more) on top of this crazy schedule we currently have but right now I'm treading water, and it feels like I am slowly going under. I'm even considering skipping one of my favourite nights of the month tonight (craft night at my church with some of my favourite people) because I am so tired. And the dust bunnies are starting to call me "Mom."

Okay, predictably, I'm out of time to write more on this blog post. Sometime in the next few weeks I will write about some of the perks of our new schedule, but for today, you get this instead.

For those of you who aren't adjusting to new normals, enjoy it! We'll be there in a month (or so), but for right now, those of you on the other side are my inspiration, that eventually, I'll get there too.

Happy Weekend.

Dave read this and claimed, "It's not the most stoic post you've ever written" which I completely agree with (I don't have the energy to be stoic right now). Then he admitted, "If I were in front of the computer, I'd probably have written a very similar post."


  1. I totally relate to this...exhibit a: my blog that is now updated MAYBE weekly if you're lucky...waaaaah.

  2. Hang in there, friend. Prayed specifically for you and the working transition at lunch yesterday.

  3. Oh Natasha! I completely understand how you are feeling. Back to work and back to school are kind of kicking my tail...and we have about 2 weeks before even more evening activities start up. We've got this, right?

  4. I noticed at Kate's ballet class that in the lobby there were two groups of group was high schoolers waiting for their class and the other group was moms. I noticed the biggest difference between the two groups was that the moms all just looked tired! HAH! Totally there with you right now!


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