Friday, September 04, 2015

Summer 2015: Week 10

Today is the last official day of summer vacation. It feels like forever ago that I was writing about our first week, our summer schedule, and wishing for September. But it also feels like the summer has gone by too quickly. I'm chalking that up to being a working parent and having less time to do things with the kids. (Also, we only followed our summer schedule for about two weeks, but for those two weeks it was totally worth it!)

So what did Week 10 of summer hold?

Last Friday we drove to New York so we had a late lunch when we arrived at our destination. Words can not describe how much I love Panera Bread's French Onion Soup Bread Bowl. Yum.
The kids thought the horses were awesome! We were dressed for supper that night so we took some pictures.
You've already read all about our weekend so here are a few other random things from the past few days. One morning I was the first person at the grocery store -- 7am for the win! #ihavenolife
I work for my denomination's magazine and one of our constituents brought us homemade peach pie to encourage us. Then my co-workers agreed that I should take the leftovers home to my family. After having eaten way too many pieces of it, I can attest to how delicious it is. Yum!
Just a girl and her popsicle. Swinging.
It's definitely been popsicle weather this week.
Thankfully, our air conditioner decided to take just one day off,
instead of the whole week.
That was one unpleasant day.
(This is like a little poem. Ha ha ha!)
Sam has been loving playing Monopoly lately. He either plays by himself or with Dave. Dave says we're raising a little property baron. Go Sam! And sometimes Rachel (understandably) gets sick of playing Monopoly so Dave, the most awesome dad ever!, plays two games at once :)
Sam's floor did get refinished and it looks awesome! Now we just have to finish unpacking everything -- putting books back on his shelf and hanging things up in his closet.
We wanted to get Sam this magnetic map for his magnets for his birthday but due to various circumstances (it's only available in the US and only available for shipping within the US), we didn't get a chance to pick it up until this past weekend. Sam immediately put all his magnets on it. A road trip we're planning for next summer will add some more magnets, and it looks like we need to acquire a Mexico magnet as well.
And with this exciting post, we've wrapped up summer. Today holds errands, heading to the school to find out who our teachers are, hanging out, and dropping by work for awhile. I checked with my boss yesterday and he was okay with me bringing the kids, so if you have a moment pray that they will be on their best behaviour. I've bribed them with lunch at Tim Horton's if they're good so they have some incentive.

Even though I am planning on working on Monday for awhile, I am really looking forward to this weekend. I'm exhausted and we need some low-key family time. And of course, now that I've said that, we'll have the craziest weekend ever. Ha!


  1. I love Rachel's lady bug dress. She looks way too cute! Sam's map is so neat! I love that he'll be able to keep up with every where that he goes. I think you all had a great summer!

  2. I love that map!! Where's it from?

  3. Oh, Monopoly! Dave is such a sport to play with Sam...and Evan too! He is still my hero for that night. I have gotten Evan to like the Game of Life more now because at least that game has an end and doesn't just go on forever. He actually has it on his kindle so he and Brody play together. It is so cute to hear them talk about what careers they got and when they have babies. If they get a boy baby, they say it is Baby Mattox and if they get a girl, they say it is Baby Mattie. :-)


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