Wednesday, October 22, 2014

For The Love Of Family

Our major reason for going to New York was to visit with Dave's grandpa. He turned 96 in September and we hadn't seen him in over a year. We really enjoyed our time with him, and also with Dave's cousins and aunt and uncle.
I found out about this idea from a friend. Basically, to keep the kids from asking "Are we there yet?" every ten seconds, I put some clothespins on this cloth. I had figured out points ahead of time where they could remove a clothespin (ie once we hit Buffalo or Albany). We removed the last clothespin as we arrived at our destination. This was a really tangible way for the kids to see how much time we had left in our journey. 
Rachel enjoyed having Auntie Bobbi read her a story.
Sam found his own unique way to enjoy a book!
We to an authentic Mexican restaurant. (I don't know of a good Mexican restaurant in our area.) The kids were highly intrigued by watching the woman make guacamole right at our table. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! In fact, I wish I had some right now. As well as the rest of my meal.
Sam and Rachel walked with Auntie Bobbi across the bridge to Connecticut. Since our provinces are fairly far apart, this was a really neat experience.
After a quick stop at Trader Joe's (Yay!!!), I introduced everyone to the yummyness that is their Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter Cups. Needless to say, Sam really enjoyed his! 
We went to check out the sukkah at Bobbi and Simon's synagogue. It was amazing. The kids have the book "A Watermelon In The Sukkah" so they were thrilled to see the watermelon sticker in the above left picture. Ha! (Click here to find out more about the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.)
Rachel actually did fairly well in her first attempt with chopsticks!

I realize I don't have a lot of pictures of family, but we spent a lot of time visiting and that is not the most thrilling thing to take pictures of :) But we are so glad we made the trip. It was well worth it.


  1. Okay, so I will be adding "eat Mexican" to my ongoing list for March! We eat it a lot around here because it is always good and cheap for families with kids. ;-) Sam's chocolate face is adorable (and hilarious)! Also, I love the traveling clothespins idea although I do wonder if you equally have to worry about hearing the constant questions of when can I remove another pin? Haha!

  2. I love the clothespin idea - genius!

  3. I am so glad that you all were able to visit family. It looks like a great time! I like the clothes pin idea. Evan takes those kind of things a little too serious though, so I might have to do one for him and one for the girls. lol.


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