Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No Time To Blog

Whew! What a crazy week I'm in the midst of. I don't even have time to write a proper blog post but I at least wanted to say a quick "Hi!"

Last week I had two extra kids for a couple of days and then, just as that was ending, we all got sick. I got a cold and slept for thirteen hours one night (heavenly!), Sam threw up and was lethargic for the rest of the day, and Rachel got a high fever and couldn't keep anything down for about eighteen hours. In the midst of all that, we had our friends' two boys for an overnight on Friday until Saturday afternoon and I was trying to facilitate an intergenerational worship service at church.

We've been running on too little sleep, too much to do, and too little time to just be as a family. But we've gotten lots of errands done and had really good times connecting with friends. Well, the kids have had good connecting with friends time. Dave and I have just been riding herd on lots of kids! And this week I've got extra kids for a few days again.

Also, last night I accidentally drained our entire 220L (58 gallon) rain barrel onto our new tree. Let's just say I forgot I had started watering our tree until I was changing Rachel's diaper this morning and happened to glance outside. Fortunately, I think it's supposed to rain today.

Last night we finally got to have a much postponed evening with Tim and Janice and it was so much fun! Dave helped Tim finish organizing their basement and Janice and I got to start catching up on our lives. Willem and Sam played and Rachel monopolized Tessa's time for most of the evening :)

Sam starts back to school one week from tomorrow (where did our summer go?!?!?!) and I've been trying to get our house a little more organized in preparation for that. Once I fold my last basket of laundry, I think both kids will be clothes-ready for fall, at least.

In other crazy news, the new assistant teacher at our preschool resigned two weeks before school was to start so I'll be spending a couple of mornings this week helping to interview new ones. And if you know anyone in my area who is a registered ECE and wants to work at an AWESOME preschool teaching cute kids like Rachel (!!!), send them my way :)

Also, in an attempt to start the summer detox, we have really cut down on the hours of screen time the kids get. Read: fewer Franklin videos and less iPad time and a lot more meltdowns. Let's just say parenting the past few days has been torturous fun and leave it at that.

So last week, when we were having absolutely no summer weather, my blog friend, Amanda, offered to send me some of her Texas heat. We attempted to send our weather to each other, hoping they would collide in the middle and result in lovely weather for each of us. Well, I have to apologize because obviously my weather switching skills are not as awesome as Amanda's, but her's rock! Today, I get to enjoy our HOT SUMMER DAY!!! We even have a "heat warning" issued. So if you're not appreciating your weather, and Texas sun is appealing, then just get in touch with Amanda, because she can help you out! Thanks again Amanda and sorry I didn't hold up my end of the bargain :)

Okay, this post is random and all over the place, kind of like life lately. Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to upload pictures from my camera and share some awesome stories, like why $5 worth of beans felt like a good idea at the time. Cheap entertainment, right? Let's just say the moral of the story was "hours of cleaning fun" and we'll leave it at that :)


  1. Whew! I am so glad I got caught up on your life here! It is always a pleasure to read. I am actually a little glad to hear I am not the only one having a hard time finding time to blog lately. Sigh. I have so much to catch up on! I promise, I will fill you all in very soon. Here's to life...busy crazy times and all! :-)

  2. I too am having a hard time trying to find blog time. =( Y'all's summer does seem to go by very fast, but I think we have double the time out of school. Maybe???


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