Thursday, June 27, 2013

The One With All The Poop

These two pictures have nothing to do with this post. However they provide me the space to give you a warning: Graphic picture below these two. Do not read this post if you are eating. Or feeling sick. Yes, this is the post with all the poop. After this I will post about fluffy puppies for the next four days. Well, okay, maybe not, but it will be 100% less gross. (Also I put these two pictures in so that those of you with blog rolls which show a picture from the post wouldn't have a gross picture beside my post. You're welcome!)
So as you may remember we are in the midst of toilet training Sam. The pee side of things is going super-well. He is going on the potty a lot and on non-poop days he is wearing one pair of underwear all day. Sadly, there is a whole other side to the toilet training issue. Which is not going so well. On the plus side we only have to deal with it every other day. Yesterday was one of those days though. Normally he just has one big poo every other day. One big mess to clean up. I can deal. Yesterday he had THREE. As in, one, two and then, for an added bonus, three. And the third time Sam just said, "I have to pee" and ran for the potty so I helped him pull down his shorts and underwear and ended up with poo all over my hand. I washed my hand seven times with anti-bacterial soap and wished for industrial disinfectant because I still felt dirty. After that, I called Dave and asked him to come home early because I didn't feel clean enough to cook supper. And then thankfully, Wednesday was over.

But then this morning... Oh, this morning. We woke up to Rachel crying in her crib, which is somewhat unusual, and Dave went to go get her. Then he yelled for me. This is what we saw:
Yeah, we love those mornings when Rachel decides to remove her diaper on her own. And there's poop. Sadly, those aren't just funky stuffed animals I made on a whim one day.

So Dave dealt with cleaning up, and comforting, Rachel and changing the sheets and I took a picture. Now I need to go do a load of laundry (or seven). I am really hoping there is 300% less poop in my life tomorrow. I can always hope...


  1. Oh my! Haha! I can't remember Evan ever removing his diaper, but I am afraid it may still happen with Brody. We have started letting him wear pull ups during the day so that he can pull them down and sit on the potty when he is acting interested so not sure what may happen with that. Oh the ups and downs of potty training! May you have less poop in your day tomorrow!

  2. sooooo, not the most wonderful time of the year after all !!! However, you will survive, I've been there and even though it is not pretty, it is worth the effort. Tripoli

  3. Sorry to hear about your poopy day.

  4. Oh my! There is nothing quite like getting poop on your hands. =) I have to admit, I may have been cracking up as I read your post. This mama has had one to many poopy days herself. lol

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo!! This raises my respect level for the difficulty of the parenting job!!!

    And again - good use of Friends references. :)


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