Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Counting On You

This is me. I like to cook and bake. I like to work in my yard. I love my husband and kids. I love my church community. I like to blog. I like to save money. I love to travel. I like to read. These are all good things.
This is me. I like to snack. I am bad at motivating myself to go to the gym. I like to stay up too late, usually reading. These aren't necessarily bad things but it's time to make a change. And this is where you come in. I have made a deal with Dave and, to help keep me accountable, I am also going to track things on the blog. Because nothing keeps me accountable like a little public humiliation :)

If I don't snack after supper for a month (a month!!!), then Dave will buy me the third book in a series I am really enjoying right now. (The Cobbled Court Quilt series). Right now I'm at one snack free night. One down, thirty more to go. (July 3 is my end date, by the way.)

Also, I know I read somewhere on Amy's blog that if she works out three times a week for a month then she buys herself a piece of new exercise clothing. Dave said I could do the same thing. However, number of times I've gone to exercise this week (thus far): zero.

And I need to get more sleep. I have been so tired during the day and it's driving me crazy. So I'm going to start getting eight seven hours of sleep a night if it kills me. And it just well might. (Notice how I'm being realistic and starting with a somewhat reasonable (and pathetic) goal of seven hours a night. I'll build up to eight.)

Anyways, the reason I'm telling you all this is because I am going to be tracking these numbers on my blog every day pretty regularly. And if they aren't looking good, please hold me accountable. Tell me you won't leave any more comments on my blog, tell me you'll stop blogging, tell me whatever you think it will take to Keep. Me. Going.

I am mostly doing this because, as my blog friend Bekah says, the choice is mine. (Actually she says two things in her post which I can totally relate to. "I want one area where I don't have to put forth so much effort...I would rather eat a brownie WHILE abs sort of sculpt themselves on my body, but that doesn't happen for me." and saying that her husband was right "Not just right about it being something I had to do for myself, but right that it needed done and I have what it takes to do it.") So here I am because this is something I need to do and I have what it takes to do it.

But a little extra motivation doesn't hurt :)
Snack free nights: 1
Hours of sleep last night: 5.5
Gym visits this week: 0

Too bad the Meatloaf song isn't "One Out Of Three Ain't Bad."


  1. Awww, I'll try to at least offer positive encouragement...I'm not too good with threats. Haha! And I think I might have to check out that book series. I am in need of some summer reading material for those late night feedings, etc. :-)

  2. yeah well... my workout count for this week is also zero as i talked myself out of going today because i was trying to spend no money today but needed gas which meant spending money if i wanted to drive to the gym.....sounds like a big fat excuse....hah :-) And i get way too little sleep because i read at night.....but it is just SO quiet when kids are asleep!!! Good luck!

    1. Oh, the quiet once the kids are asleep. It's so entrancing :)

      And I think saving money is an excellent excuse to not work out. I am the master of excuses and that one is extremely valid!

  3. You can do this! I was just telling Jason today that I really need to start getting more sleep too. I hate being tired all of the time.

    1. Being tired is the worst and I so lack the discipline to go to bed earlier. However, so far, so good on getting more sleep :) You can do it too Tracy!

  4. And now I have no excuse but to get UP from blog reading and do my 20 minutes of Jillian's 30 day murder. I mean shred.

    We were so excited to see we were quoted!! Time to live up to my own advice, huh?????

    You are so fun, Natasha!!! Now, GO TO BED! And then GET UP AND EXERCISE!!! And then have a teeny tiny brownie. :) After breakfast. So it's not a night snack.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! If only I had a brownie to eat. After breakfast. Does a mini cream puff count?!

      And yes, your/Ryan's advice/words of wisdom kind of hit me in the face (in a good way) and made me realize I needed to do something.

      My gym is starting Jillian Michael's BodyShread (30 minutes of intense strength, cardio and abs) this summer so I might just have to join you in that torture.

  5. my belief is that life is too short for such personal torment; but more power to you!

  6. You can do it! Love the motivation of a book and new clothes, that would definitely help me along!


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