Friday, April 05, 2013

Wash Bake on Monday

On Monday we had a mostly quiet day at home with my parents. Rachel and Opa went to Home Depot to get some latches to fix our dining room table. Since the table is so old it doesn't stay together nicely. My dad just added four latches so that we can close it and keep it closed. Rachel was quite the helper.
Meanwhile, Sam and Oma baked buns. You know the saying, "Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday," etc, etc. Well baking day is supposed to be Saturday but we decided to mix things up a little! I think I did some laundry on Monday though so maybe that counts :) Oma and Sam have been baking together since Sam was about one year old. You can see them baking buns here in February 2011 in what might have been one of their first adventures.
Then Rachel decided to get in on the action. Oma even gave each child their own dough to knead and baked them into buns for the kids.
Then it was a matter of waiting patiently while the buns rose and rose again. And then they had to bake
Finally, the buns were finished (a six hour process is long for impatient little bakers!) and the hard workers could enjoy the fruits of the their labours. And they even shared with those of us who didn't work as hard :)


  1. I love love LOVE the picture of Racheal peeking into the oven door. What a cutie pie! Looks like you all are having a nice visit. =)

    1. I loved it too! She's so grown up sometimes :) And we had a great visit. I just wish we lived closer to each other.

  2. At first, I thought it was so funny and cute that Rachel was helping Opa with the handiman work, and Sam was helping Oma in the know good ol' gender biases! Haha! Rachel did look absolutely adorable peeking into that oven...they are entering such a curious phase now! :-)


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