Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Celebrating Easter

Our Easter celebrations started on Saturday afternoon, about three hours after Sam's party ended! It was a little busy. My mom's family who lives nearby came to our house for supper. Since it was so beautiful out, the kids played outside for a bit before supper.
Rachel and Olivia doing sidewalk chalk.
Blowing bubbles
Rachel absolutely INSISTED on wearing her bike helmet to blow bubbles :)
Safety first, I guess!!!
A few of us had the idea doing an Easter Egg hunt for the kids but we wanted to keep it pretty short so we just went with what my cousin, Jay, had brought. Sam loved finding the eggs. I love the picture on the right where Olivia and Jay are just grinning at each other! And yes, Mr. Sam was being a little uncooperative. I think he was exhausted from his busy day. He wouldn't even let us sing Happy Birthday to him that evening.
The next morning started with some of Marika's awesome Paska (Russian Easter Bread) for breakfast. Since Paska (seen in the picture at the top of this post) is also covered with icing and sprinkles, Miss Rachel was a little hyper during breakfast!

Then we went to church and I was so happy to be there. After church I gave the kids their Easter chocolates and tried to get a picture of the two of them. While Rachel was happy to cooperate with Mommy's wishes...
...Mr Sam was not and these are the best pictures I got of him all day. This stage will pass eventually, right?
Miss Rachel refused to eat anything for lunch besides her chocolate bunny. Thankfully she did go down for a three hour nap. As did I!
In the evening my aunt came over for supper and we had fish and steamed and roasted vegetables. It was very delicious. And then Dave went to bed early because he wasn't feeling well and the rest of us also collapsed after our weekend of insanity. It was a good Easter!


  1. I'm glad that Rachel is safety conscious when it comes to blowing bubbles - they can be very dangerous ;)

  2. looks like the snow is melting too : )

    we blew bubbles in the bath-tub last cute! I should have taken pictures of Lance.


    1. That's a great idea to blow bubbles in the bathtub. And yes, you should totally take pictures next time.

  3. She looks so pretty in her Easter dress!


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