Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just The First Of Many Visits...!

40) Go shopping at Target in Canada.
     (Target is coming to Canada and I am soooooooooo excited about it, as are a lot of my friends. I cannot wait to shop at a Target here. Whooo hooo!!!!)
Done March 23!!!

Yes bloggy peeps, today I shopped at Target! In Canada! Like, a fifteen minute drive from my house! Can you sense my excitement?! This is likely the only time you will ever read a blog post entirely around a person's epic trip to Target. But maybe not!

First we had to stop at Costco and the food court at the mall for supper. My original idea was that I would eat as fast as possible and then Dave and the kids would come join me when they were done. I wanted hours to wander down every aisle and just look to my heart's content. Surprisingly, Dave was not on board with that plan. He said he wanted to wander with me.

So I waited... and waited... and eventually the kids finished eating. And then they got distracted by those mini mall rides. So I waited some more. (Not very patiently I might add!) And then FINALLY we were on our way. First I had to get about a million pictures of me with the big Target symbol. And since we knew one shopping cart wouldn't be enough, we had to get two carts out of the store (with help from a couple of employees because the carts lock as soon as they enter the mall), to get a picture. (The carts were also known as "keep the kids in one place" things!) Sadly, as you can see above, the lighting wasn't all that great. I'll try to get better ones next time.

But then... then it was time to SHOP! BROWSE!! Wander to my heart's content!!! And, oh I did. For more than two hours. With my husband and two young children. At housewares I convinced Dave I needed a "This is a souvenir from my first trip to a Canadian Target mug" and then I found super-cute plastic tumblers for Sam and Rachel. Rachel fell in love with hers immediately.
 Then we hit the party section to stock up for Sam's birthday. He was excited about that!
 And Dave got a mug for himself and mocked my Target excitement.
And then I hit housewares and now I know why all you people in The States have such cute stuff. I fell in love with so many things, like this vintage bedding. Now all I have to do is convince Dave that sleeping with this bedding is awesome :)
And I found the only place I need to shop to decorate Rachel's big girl room. Love the owl theme.
 And Sam will get plaid bedding with construction themed sheets. He's already picked them out :)
I am not a pillow person but this one called my name.
And then I hit the lamps aisle. Oh. My. Word. I want one of each please. But two of the lamp on the right for Miss Rachel's room. Adorable.
And I just loved this sign. I will have to figure out where I can use it.
While I would have loved to get everything I fell in love with, I just couldn't. So the question is, what DID I buy on my first trip to Target in Canada??? Well, the plates, napkins and cups for Sam's party...
... some supplies for Easter, a vase, a mug, a bath brush, Essie nailpolish (the colour is a green called "sew psyched" and seemed appropriate for my feelings about this trip!), and somehow I ended up with two boxes of note cards. I only intended to get one and don't need 100 generic thank you cards so I guess we'll just have to go back to shop some more return the cards.
Here is our family collection of new drinking ware.
And after all his mocking, here is what we ended up buying exclusively for Dave. Ha ha ha!!! He can no longer mock me for my Target excitement.
The only thing I was less than thrilled about was the clothing. I was looking forward to finding some things for Rachel, including shoes and I just did not like the selection. I also browsed women's wear and was left feeling underwhelmed. When I mentioned this to a manager she said that they are wanting to improve that. Remember, the store has only been open for four days so not everything is fully stocked. I will have to say that it's the housewares which will draw me back in and I'll make sure to check out the clothing again, but I'm not holding out a lot of hope. We shall see...

Although I did see some really cute necklaces so maybe next time...


  1. Awww, this post makes me smile! You know we love our Targets. It feels strange that our city has a Target like on every corner...seriously, there are like half a dozen without a few miles of our house in any direction. We have "our" Target that we always go to for weekly necessities, but I like other ones that have better selections of clothing and stuff. I went today to get Easter goodies for the kids. I definitely hope yours gets better stocked on clothes. I don't buy a lot of adult clothing there because they aren't that great a deal compared to other stores, but I do love the children's clothing and sales. Circo (Target's brand) is always cute and they usually have a good selection of Carter's brand stuff. Yep, now you know my secret of why I get most of our children's bedding from Target...except for sheets because most of Target's isn't 100% cotton and as I said that just isn't something I can sacrifice. Here's to many more trips at the "ball store." (That's what Evan used to call it). :-)

  2. THE MECCA! So glad you were able to go!! Looks like you found lots of great stuff :) Bummer about the clothes though - that is where I get pretty much my entire wardrobe, ha!

  3. I love that you are so excited. I love shopping at Target too. My kids call it the popcorn store, because we usually get a bag at the snack bar to eat while we're shopping. Looks like you have some super cute stuff picked out.

    1. I'm still excited a few days later. I really want to go with my mom while she's visiting this week because their store isn't opening up until later in the summer. We shall see if there's time!

      And I'll have to look for the popcorn and snack bar next time. I think this one maybe just had a Starbucks attached.

      And I can't wait to buy all the super-cute stuff :)

  4. Woooo!!! So glad all of your Target dreams are coming true!! And hold out hope- I bet the clothing department gets way better. I get tons of my wardrobe there!

  5. I grew up going to Target, but even so I'm pretty sure I've done a blog post on a Target trip before. I love going to Target and just wandering every single aisle. Although I tend not to really look through the clothes and instead wind up spending most of my time in the housewares, books, cds, and scrapbooking aisles.


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