Thursday, March 07, 2013

AlphaBitty Moments -- B, C and F

So I mentioned in my first AlphaBitty Moments post that I was going to be anal and catch-up on the letters I hadn't had a chance to participate in yet. In an attempt to be "not so rigid" I am now posting three letters together in completely random order. So I present to you...

"F" is for "Feet pajamas" as Sam calls them. And they happen to be "Fleece" too, which is another "F" word! They are all Sam and Rachel have been wearing this winter and I adore them. I may not be able to pass these pjs on to anyone else because I just want to keep them forever. A friend of mine made her kids blankets out of theirs and I may just have to steal borrow that idea. We have basically lived in these pjs whenever we are not heading out of the house this past winter. The kids, that is, not me. I've been living in my non-fleecy, non-feet pjs. Boo :(
"C" is for "Checking books and videos out at the library" which Sam LOVES to do with the self-checkout. He is so proud he can do the whole process all by himself.
"C" is also for "Cookies while in the Cart at the grocery store." Sam has been into these for awhile but Rachel just started eating them in the summer, after she started grabbing Sam's out of his hand. Or just leaning over and taking a big bite! These two kids LOVE their free grocery store cookies and I love that grocery stores offer this incentive to kids. And Sam isn't going to fit in the seat of the cart for much longer so I know this stage will soon end.
And "B" is for "backpacks." As in, Sam and Rachel like to put on their backpacks and walk around the house with them. They don't even necessarily have anything in them, they just like wearing them for some reason :) I love how these two come up with games together and then spend hours playing them.
AlphaBitty Moments comes to you from MamaBear. Check out her blog for more moments and to join in on the fun.


  1. Go Sam! Always happy to see a young library patron. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, could these moments be any cuter? I "heart" feet pajamas although we can't really do fleece ones because my boys both would sweat to death in them. And how big does Sam look checking out his books. *Sigh* They just keep growing and growing don't they? And of course, how big do they both look carrying their backpacks...all ready for school. Brody doesn't have a backpack since his school provides tote bags for all the students, but he does love toting around any little bag he can find. :-)

  3. How cute! I love the feet pj's too. They are great for cold days. The backpack pictures are too cute!!! We love free cookies too. =)

    1. Thank you! These fleece feet pajamas will always define this winter for me. My kids have just lived in them. And yes, the free grocery store cookies are lifesavers. Or maybe just parental-sanity savers :)


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