Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Our day today is crazy. We are headed off for a four day long weekend to celebrate a friend's wedding. We will sleep in a different city every night for the next four nights. And tonight is LOGOS at Waterloo North and we are leaving for our first destination right after that. Needless to say Dave and I had already decided to revive our "tradition" (we'll have done it two years in a row so I think it's fair to call it a tradition!) of going to McDonald's for Valentine's Day supper. Sooooo romantic! Ha!

However, I had decided earlier this week that we would have a bit of a celebration last night before the solemness of Lent and the Ash Wednesday service took over. On Monday I needed to find some Valentine's cards for Sam to give to his preschool friends and I looked at Dollarama. They had a whole section of Valentine's stuff so I got inspired and bought a tablecloth, cups, and napkins and let Sam pick out the centrepiece. And then I kept quiet about things so Dave would be surprised.

On Tuesday Sam signed all his Valentine's cards. I only had to bribe him with two minutes of potty-free iPad time for each card he wrote his name on and he was all over it. I feel a little bad about bribing him but the painlessness of that method was awesome :) Although, as you can see below, some of his signed names were clearer than other ones.
This morning when I came downstairs I saw the following on my computer and knew that Dave and I, without even talking about it, were on the same wavelength. The rest of Dave's present came tonight in the form of a chocolate bar and coupons for various things, including "Yad Senitnelav" coupons which Dave deemed "not as romantic." My favourite coupons are for a "Witching Hour Free Pass" where I can e-mail Dave last minute and he will come home from work an hour early (Yay!) and one for "Separate Blanket Night." That is kind of a joke between Dave and I because he always steals the covers and I get so mad! Then I declare it "Separate Blanket Night" and Dave and I each get our own blankets. He HATES that but I like staying warm. And now I get to declare one without any complaining from him. Score!
Then Sam's friend from preschool came over for a playdate with his mom and little brother and stayed for lunch so we decorated the table early. And I got inspired to take a Valentine's themed photo of the kids with the tablecloth as a photo background. It's multi-purpose I tell you. I should mention here that I didn't take Dave's suggestion of painting it green for St Patrick's Day very well. I tried to print out the photo to put in the centrepiece as a gift for Dave but neither place I went to could print it -- at one spot the photo machines were down and at the other place they couldn't read my USB key. So I gave up and will just have to do it later. sigh.
I realized I had not planned any dessert so I made a quick stop at Zehrs after picking Sam up from preschool and we bought mini cupcakes, Valentine's themed of course, and some sparkling non-alcoholic Champanade so we had something fancy and red to drink. And Sam and Rachel had some Valentine's Day cards to open. You can see that Rachel was loving hers!
And that was our Valentine's Day celebration. While it was a lot of fun (and a little crazy) to plan our little party, I try to remember that celebrating love is something worth doing every day and so I think we'll keep our heart tablecloth out a little longer to remind us of that. Whatever you do, or don't do today, I hope you have a good one.


  1. Love the festive decorations!! "Separate Blanket Night"...THAT is hilarious, and SUPER romantic...ha!

  2. Love your little pre-Valentine's Day family celebration! Wade and I are going out for a quick dinner tonight, but I imagine as the years go by it will be harder for us to actually do that, so the idea of doing something with the fam is a good one :)

  3. Yep, I love celebrating valentine's as a family. Ours will probably have to wait until tomorrow though because I have a long night in class tonight. Lunch date with hubby though! :-). I lovethe vvalentines decorations. Happy V Day to ya'll!


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