Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3 5 Truths And A Lie

Do you know the game "3 Truths and a Lie?" where you share four facts about yourself but one of them is a lie. Well, that's what this post is about. Which of the following things which have happened in the past 24 hours is the lie? Leave your guess in the comments.

1) We went to Costco last night and getting in, getting what we needed (including a short list for our friends), and getting out only took us fifteen minutes. Fastest Costco trip ever! (Normally we're there for about an hour, minimum.)

2) When I went to get Sam after his quiet time yesterday, his drawers were all open and his clothes were in piles on his bed and on his desk. When I asked what was going on, Sam replied, "I've picked out my clothes for the next few days." There were about five piles with pjs, t-shirts, shorts (optimistic child!!!), and a couple of pairs of socks. He is definitely my child :)

3) Yesterday I did four (HUGE!) loads of laundry and, miracle of miracles, they are all folded and put away already. I feel like declaring a national holiday. Fastest laundry turn around time ever!

4) As we were heading out for errands last night, I checked the mail for the first time that day and discovered a notice from the City. We had until noon today to completely clear our sidewalks, down to the pavement. They were covered with about two inches of snow covered ice, which quite honestly is safer than bare pavement which gets really slick in our current season of melt-freeze-melt-freeze so almost all the sidewalks are covered with a thin layer of sheer ice. So we bought ice chippers and between Dave and I spent about six hours (total) chipping ice. I can barely move today but our sidewalks are clear.

5) When Rachel crawls up the stairs now, she stops about halfway up, sees herself in the mirror above the piano and says, "Hi!" and then "Bye!" and continues up the stairs. Cutest thing ever!

6) Today after Sam had peed on the potty he went running into his room and Rachel went running into the bathroom. In an panicked attempt to prevent her from trying to empty the potty herself (she's done this before with messy results!) I grabbed the potty and without thinking dumped it into the sink. sigh. Now I have to clean the sink.


  1. I'm torn. I think that the 15-minute Costco trip AND the laundry-finishing are both lies. No way that ever happens.

  2. I really hope the #4 is the lie for your sake, but I'm guessing the Costco trip. No way I could make it that fast!

  3. I am really hoping for your sake, #4 is the lie! Ugh, how could a city be so cruel? But yes #1 and #3 do seem pretty impossible! :-)

  4. I'm going with the 15 minute Costco Trip....or maybe the laundry. =)

    1. I think all of us with families deal with the never-ending laundry piles! Just about everybody caught that one :)


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