Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wintery Weather and Windowsills

Today's post is brought to you by the letter "W". Today I had some time and I WAS catching up on responding to blog comments from all you WONDERFUL readers. One of my readers WAS WONDERING if WE'D had a WHITE Christmas. (For those of you WHO WANT to know, I can't actually remember if WE did or not! Ooops.) So I thought I WOULD use my WONDERFUL, much WISHED for, camera and take some WINTERY pictures. Here is our yard WHICH needed a lot of shoveling due to much falling WHITE stuff. You can see my summer flowers WHICH are buried in the picture on the left.
The picture on the lower right is our boulevard WHICH I spent a lot of time WEEDING this past summer and fall.

Then I also decided to take pictures of my kitchen WINDOWSILL WHICH is graced by some WHIMSICAL fish my parents gave me for Christmas. I love decorating WITH fish WHICH isn't particularly trendy right now, except in my small corner of the WORLD!

Thanks for visiting today and hopefully tomorrow's post WILL be a little more inspired! Ha ha ha!

And to Erika, the original reader WHO asked the question -- I think I accidentally lied to you. It's probably more like one foot of snow. I'm so bad at judging. sigh.


  1. Ha! Love all the Ws. And I will forgive you for misjudging the amount of snow. I'm terrible at estimating ANYTHING, including snow. Except when it snows here, I'd probably optimistically guess 2 inches, when in reality it's 1 inch or less. Sigh.

  2. Send Some Snow to South Carolina!! (brought to you by the letter "s" :)

    1. Shipping by Something Super-quick to Shrink Slushiness :)

      (Does that even make any sense?!?!)

  3. Yep, send some to North Carolina too! I am really hoping for snow this year since we didn't get any last year. We had actually had decent snows for the last few years before that, and it was okay to miss out last year since Brody was too small to really enjoy it. But he is so ready this year. Evan was his age when he first saw snow, and he had so much fun. We just need about a foot or so for some good snowman making. It usually clears up fast here too! :-)


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