Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laying sod

After the yard was rototilled, we needed to lay sod. We put down 60 rolls of sod, at 10 square feet each. That's a lot of sod. Natasha's dad was the main raker and sod layout designer, Dave was the carrier of the sod, and Natasha did miscellaneous things -- like working on the miscellaneous flower beds which are around the outside perimeter of the yard. You can see that the yard is really starting to come together in these pictures.

Dave shows off his dirty hands from all
the sod carrying. You can see a number
of the rolls on the ground in front of him.
In this picture you can see that Natasha
and Theresa had already spread more mulch
underneath the spruce tree.

Natasha's dad is raking the ground so
that the sod will lie flat.

Natasha's dad is raking, Natasha's mom is
working on one of the beds and Dave is
taking a short break. In the upper right corner
of the photo you can see Sam exploring.

Dave practices his sod-unrolling technique.

Dirty hands show a good day's work was done!

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