Friday, May 14, 2010

In process

The backyard is getting closer to being finished! First to be done -- the mulch was unloaded on the driveway and it needed to be shoveled to underneath the tree. We had a big pile!

While Dave and Natasha shoveled mulch, Natasha's dad worked on the fire circle. We needed to put rocks underneath the movable fireplace so that it was safer to use. Dave and Natasha shoveled the rocks from the back of Trevor's truck, into Sam's wagon, which was then used to transport the rocks to the fire circle. Natasha's mom watched Sam and Sam played in the rocks and attempted to eat some of them!

Then we needed to spread some of the mulch underneath the tree so that we could neatly stack the big piles of wood which were in the middle of the lawn.

It looked a whole lot neater once we had done that!

Now the yard is ready to be rototilled and then we can lay sod.

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