Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Backyard transformation

Unfortunately we don't have pictures of the backyard before the transformation started but here are some pictures of what it looked like after we had done some work.

Underneath this tree were piles and piles of wood.
We took about 2/3 of it to the dump and
the rest is being saved for firewood.

Here are the piles we moved. The near pile is brush
and the far pile is wood from an old fence. The pile of
old fence wood is 1/3 the size of what it was.
The big blue bin is full of old toys for Sam
from Kessler, our landlady's son.

Where the slight indentations in the dirt are
is where the sidewalk was. We pulled up the bricks
and will re-lay them once we lay the sod.
Pulling up the bricks took about 15 minutes total
so that was a lot quicker than we expected.

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