Tuesday, November 02, 2021

One Sentence A Day: October 2021

I'm linking up with all the One Sentence A Day bloggers. October can be summed up in this way: Just about every week one of our kids had an appointment regarding their teeth, our car was in the shop almost every week, and Friday nights are when I crash. Doesn't this all make you want to read more?!?!?

As always, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and the other Sentence A Day bloggers. You can see Rebecca Jo's blog here.

1 - Friday -- It was an exhausting day of work so I came home and crashed in front of the baseball game.

2 - Saturday -- We had a lazy morning, went for an errand-y walk in the afternoon, and I attended my good friend's Zoom birthday party in the evening.

3 - Sunday -- We went to the last Blue Jays game of the season in person!!! (Second sentence: I LOVE being back at Blue Jays games!!!)

Farewell until 2022 Spring Training Blue Jays.

4 - Monday -- A coworker gave me a container of homemade apple crisp and it was delicious!!!

5 - Tuesday -- Our car had been having some issues and thankfully, the mechanic was able to fix them and keep our car going for another few kilometres.

6 - Wednesday -- We had our first "housecleaning night" and it was very successful.

7 - Thursday -- We had the first, in person, gathering for our mid-week church program for the first time in nineteen months and it was glorious!

8 - Friday -- It was a grey day of working, getting into bed early, and reading two books.

My co-worker had an extra Rubik's cube on her desk which she said I could give to Sam.

9 - Saturday -- I slept in, I baked buns, we went through a few boxes of clothes with the kids, and I had a nap.

10 - Sunday -- We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner (sauteed shrimp, roasted veggies, Kraft Dinner, and chocolate cake) for some of our favourite people.

11 - Monday -- We enjoyed a short tour of our uptown with Dave's parents.

The kids were being statues!

12 - Tuesday -- Dave drove me to work as he needed the car for an appointment with Sam so I navigated my way home on the bus.

13 - Wednesday -- Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up working at a different school this morning on just fifteen minutes notice so that made for an interesting day :)

14 - Thursday -- I'm still sooooo excited about our mid-week church program happening outdoors and in person.

15 - Friday -- I came home from a hard day at work, had two drinks, changed the supper plan to "ordering pizza," and collapsed into bed.

16 - Saturday -- I had a day mostly spent at home while the rest of my family was out and about, although I did manage to go for a few walks.

17 - Sunday -- It was so good to be back at church after a few weeks of not being able to go.

18 - Monday -- I had a massage, the kids made supper -- it was a good day!

19 - Tuesday -- There was a Covid case at one of my schools and it was the last CSA pickup of the season so it was a busy day.

Lots of yummy root vegetables to eat!

20 - Wednesday -- I attended a two hour training, it was housecleaning night, and Rachel, Dave, and I went for a 6.8 km (4.2 mile) walk where we spoke French for half of it.

21 - Thursday -- I woke up with a headache, called in sick to work, and basically went back to bed until noon :(

We did get our Readathon snacks grocery trip done in the evening so that was fun!

22 - Friday -- I was supposed to attend a Youth event but I was too tired so, after a walk to the library, I went straight to bed.

23 - Saturday -- It was READATHON DAY!!!

24 - Sunday -- It was a Sunday which felt like a Saturday and we got a lot of yard work done in the front.

25 - Monday -- I didn't feel great after work so I ate supper in bed, read for a bit, and fell asleep.

26 - Tuesday -- I got tired of feeling "blah" and decided I needed either a walk or to go to bed early. (Second sentence: I decided to try the walk and it was exactly what I needed.)

27 - Wednesday -- Rachel had a last minute, emergency dentist appointment and Sam had dental surgery and it was a very long day. (More sentences: They are both fine. Phew.)

28 - Thursday -- It was the last SoulFood gathering of the fall term and it was sooooo cold.

29 - Friday -- It was a long day at work, for no good reason, and I crashed in bed early. (More sentences: Friday nights are soooo fun when you get older. Not.)

30 - Saturday -- I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today making kale chickpea soup, stuffed acorn squash, cranberry tea, and pumpkin scones.

31 - Sunday -- We had the most fun Halloween!!!



  1. I'm so relieved to see that your scones looked good; I've been wondering how they turned out after being so sticky! Love your family costumes.

    1. Sorry, I should have checked back in. They definitely turned out well and we all loved them. Thankfully I have more pumpkin to make more.

      And it was fun to have a family theme costume -- even if Sam changed right after the picture!

  2. Sounds like such a productive month! Love your Friday nights...they sound very familiar!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who crashes on Fridays :)

  3. I often find myself crashing after work, not wanting to do anything. Love the Halloween pic!

  4. We were sad to see the baseball season come to an end. Not sure what to watch on TV these days.
    Your read-a-thon snacks are scrumptious. That would entice even the most reluctant reader. Love that you guys are such voracious readers.

  5. Those last minute schedule changes are no fun at all. The fire looks relaxing & warm to sit by. Awesome Halloween costumes. Karen


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